Why do basically all zoomers dress like this now?

Namely the plaid flannel pajama pants. Every time I go out, teenage boys and girls will be wearing this. Whatever happened to just putting on a pair of jeans? Are jeans actually out of style now?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I sold an old pair of converses on fb marketplace before and this zoomer girl messaged me about buying it. We agreed on cash and meeting up at 5pm. She told me she would be late cause she was eating dinner and then told me she used her cash on dinner, so she asked if venmo was okay.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They are soulless so they cling on to y2k fashion pioneered by millennial chads. They can’t even come up with their own style.
    My era had scene/ emo and the swag jerking era with vans, colored jeans and obey snapbacks.
    Zoomers try to dress how we dressed in elementary school lol lmao even

    • Anonymous says:

      > They are soulless so they cling on to y2k fashion pioneered by millennial chads
      It’s not their fault. Fashion has always been a race between young people to come up with new fashion trends, and marketers to jump on those trends and kill them, but with mass data collection from social media, thebalance of power has shifted overwhelmingly in favor of the marketer. New trends are smothered while they are still in the cradle, before they can get off the ground. Zoomers never had a chance

  3. Anonymous says:

    Because of the bigcoof lockdowns. They spent like 2 years being locked up in their houses dressed in nothing but PJs and hoodies. So they’ve gotten used to it and anything else is too "uncomfortable" to them now.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Clothes reflect the lifestyle. They don’t really go outside, they don’t really go anywhere or do anything. They spend most of their time at home on the internet or gaming and when they’re not doing that it’s just these sort of quick little excursions to Wawa or whatever the local place is.

    It’s not just zoomers though. I see millenials and generation x wearing sweatpants and hoodies everywhere. They don’t wear pajamas, but it’s their equivalent.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah it’s weird. I actually don’t usually see them out and about very much per se, but whenever I go to Sheetz before/after my night shift, I can always count on them to congregate there.

      • Anonymous says:

        Based Western PA bro. I literally said Wawa because I just moved to Philly from Central PA.
        The reason you see them there is that’s the only places they go. They go to clothing and fast food shops and gyms. That’s it.

    • Anonymous says:

      >they don’t really go anywhere or do anything.
      I walk and climb lot for job so joggins and sweatpants are so much better than jeans and such uncomfortable pants

  5. Anonymous says:

    we’re reaching the point where societal decay has become societal decline. Messy clothes, low effort, all of it is brought upon by a collective assumption that it’s not worth it to bother with anything more elaborate. We’ll rotate back in maybe a decade to more elaborate outfits as a means of faux prestige and in order to cope with a dwindling national system. Will be aesthetic as all get-out though. Look up "congolese dandies".

    • Anonymous says:

      pic related is literally Black folk who spent all their gov handouts on overpriced euro clothes. their cuntry is still shit anyhow, they’re still like 30 percent employed.

      those who are employed with the gov, stole the gov to buy pic related AND cars, but they’re couldn’t drive their cars 90 percent of the time, cause they got no roads. or any place worth visiting.

    • Anonymous says:

      generations have been vague for the last 50 or so years, and you’ll start an argument by saying that. For me, it’s one of two cutoffs:
      >Dec 31 1999: not zoomer, Jan 1 2000: zoomer
      >can you remember 9/11 when it happened? (this one’s gay so I don’t use it)

      • Anonymous says:

        generations always get fuzzy by the edges.
        I was born in 1999 so I find myself relating to both millennial and zoomer stuff, but I consider myself a zoomer.


        Namely the plaid flannel pajama pants. Every time I go out, teenage boys and girls will be wearing this. Whatever happened to just putting on a pair of jeans? Are jeans actually out of style now?

        I’ve been sensing the complete opposite imo. If anything the younger zoomers seem to really be into the idea of having an "aesthetic" and leaning hard into building their own styles.
        If you live in a city you see it a lot. Maybe in the suburbs it’s less noticeable.

  6. Anonymous says:

    how trippy, i just saw three people today with this look. they weren’t zoomers though, 2 of them were grown men with grey in their beards and the other was a woman who looked like she was in her 30s.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wearing pajama pants in public was pretty big in like 2006-2009 but mainly among the stoner burnout crowd.

    • Anonymous says:

      Man, I completely forgot about that trend. But at least they had a reason to do it. They were wearing pajamas in the city because they were flexing the fact that they owned a house/apartment in the middle of their cities. Zoomers on the other hand wear these PJs, track pants and hoodies in public because they are tasteless, lazy, negrified gays. They aren’t making any statement.

      • Anonymous says:

        >They aren’t making any statement.
        I think that’s just zoomers in general. They don’t look like anything other than a mish mash of clothes, there’s no real aesthetic here, nothing to infer who they are and a frumpy unflattering silhouette. Kinda reminds me of street photography, which goes without saying I guess since this is “streetwear”

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am not american but I noticed more and more women (mostly 35+) wear pajamas to the supermarket or just for walking, when I was on a walk yesterday I saw two women walking together and wearing pajamas one was in her twenties or maybe a teenager hard to say and the other was older like 40+, CRINGE

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