30 thoughts on “Why arent you dressing well so you can attract a good woman?

  1. Anonymous says:

    because actual beautiful women don’t really care about fashion, you just can’t be an unhygienic nasty person. It’s more about physical fitness and how you convey yourself. They will literally sleep with no fashion, broke bums and you’re here looking like an anime, cyberpunk wannabe side-character with your expensive fit. Get real- there’s putting in effort to your fit and there’s being a tryhard edgelord

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am actively going out of my way to make sure that women do not get too close too me. I just want to focus on my research and rearing my small flock of african gray parrots. I’ve already had 3 women try to weasel their grimy selves out of the friendzone and I removed them from my life with extreme prejudice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhh i was doing it backwards this whole time, my plan was to lure them with free birdseed, drop a cage over them, and then dress well.

  4. Anonymous says:

    >dress well
    >attract the opposite sex
    >still a sperg that can’t tie two phases together
    Yesterday I met the love of my life and I ruined it

      • Anonymous says:

        >be me
        >never interested in the opposite sex or romance during teenage years because of antidepressants
        >when people were interested in me I would laugh and tell them they were pathetic
        >when I was about 20yo I stopped with the antidepressants
        >became a shut in due to this
        >no contact with anyone (irl)
        >high school friends quickly moved on with their lives
        >try online dating
        >get envious and bitter of normies and their stupid perfect lives
        >become paranoid
        >change pfp with some AI generated one
        >delete app
        >realize that my neuroticism will always make me ghost anyone online
        >begin to put effort into my appearance
        >buy lots of clothes according to research
        >remember that I like music and going to concerts would be a great way to meet someone
        >buy concerts for the whole year
        >it’s literally just grannies and middle age men with their wives
        >buy a ticket for a remembrance concert organised by some Italian guy
        >comes with top tier Italian product degustation
        >got there late because I live 4 hours away from the place
        >there’s a couple of people waiting for the entr’acte
        >the most beautiful qt I’ve seen in my life is there, admiring some shitty modern art.
        >we look each other pretending to admire the room
        >never been so nervous in my life
        >go for a glass of wine
        >get a bit woozy, haven’t eaten anything since yesterday
        >qt is there
        > Entr’acte
        >people everywhere looking for wine and cheese
        >qt finds me in the crowd and we go to find more wine
        >there’s two little twins dressed in matched blue suits looking for cheese
        >they’re the qts siblings
        >qt orders wine in italian
        >says something to me in a mouthwatering accent
        >too nervous can’t look qt in the face
        >run to some empty spot
        >the qts parents are right beside me
        > entr’acte ends
        >go to my seat
        >show ends
        >qt and his family vanished
        This happened 3 days ago
        Considering suicide

  5. Anonymous says:

    you could wear a $10,000 designer fit and you’d still get zero pussy if you just sit in the corner and scowl at everyone that walks by you

  6. Anonymous says:

    >good woman
    I’m not a delusional gay like you OP, there’re no good women. Women by nature are not trustworthy. But there are certain cultures that keep women in check and in those cultures money talks.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My habit is growing more every day and soon my female clothes will outnumber my male ones. Every since those pills killed my penis all I do is dance and cross dress, jesus help me.

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