21 thoughts on “Why are synthetic fabrics bad?

  1. Anonymous says:

    > Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon can contain harmful chemicals such as BPA and PFAS, these chemicals can leach out of the material and come into contact with the skin

    • Anonymous says:

      30-40% of all packages entering the united states from overseas (globally) come from shein and temu and are polyester women’s clothes meant to survive a single fashion cycle before being discarded.
      its horrible for the environment.
      coincidentally most liberal "environmentalist" women purchase "hauls" of this stuff by the trash bag load.

      woven microplastics in the form of clothing aren’t going to leech into your skin but they’ll still eventually wind up in the landfill/ocean –> food supply and indirectly estrogenizing future generations. they won’t directly estrogenize you but its not like what i’m saying is any better.
      they can be bioavailable through skin contact but that’s gonna be smaller particle sizes like are found in cosmetics toothpastes etc.
      still wouldn’t wear synthetic underwear either way.

      Are you stupid? Those people are all about Patagonia and similar crap.

      patagonia’s largely credited for popularizing the microplastic clothes industry and paving way for mainstream acceptance of it back when they introduced their calipne base layers.
      they also are largely credited for making the organic cotton industry what it is and they’re at the forefront of pushing hemp right now. so their history’s kind of a mixed bag.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Idk my patagonia 5” baggies are the most colorfast and durable garments I’ve ever had. But patagonia is big gay and the shorts are straight plastic. I will give patagonia synchillas credit for lasting literally forever as well. Especially when compared a north face denali (or anything else northface). But it is still plastic. I like the way natural fibers feel better even if they don’t last as long

    • Anonymous says:

      natural materials > synthetic if you’re not doing athletic activity in your clothes. unless its downpour weather outside.
      if you are doing athletic activity it becomes debatable depending on what you’re doing & where/what weather you’re doing it. both have technical strengths and weaknesses.
      nylon & dyneema have no natural counterpart that fills their niche.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don’t breathe as well
    Don’t drape as well
    Hold smells
    It pilling is irreversible
    Doesn’t hold shape as well
    Looks like shit

    Cotton takes time to become soft m’kay

  4. Anonymous says:

    They’re all made out of plastic, which leaves micro plastics everywhere and then leeches endocrine disrupting chemicals into your body.

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