19 thoughts on “Why are clothing stores like this?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Men who are into fashion are gays and shop in the women’s section and men who are straight have their clothes bought for them by their wives

  2. Anonymous says:

    Men don’t fall for marketing, specials or social pressure to update their wardrobe anywhere near to the extent that women do, men use their clothes until they become unwearable, men don’t tolerate markup as much as women do.
    You’ll also notice there’s simply less menswear in thrift stores too, men buy less clothes in general, it’s not worth wasting floor space on something that barely sells.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know. I don’t like it though. I can see this weird trend in most of chain-stores. Except for zara, everything at zara is so badly designed and metrosexual I have no idea at which part of the store I am anyway.
    This year I also noticed many men only-stores opening for females and stores for both genders drasticly reduced their menswear part.

    • Anonymous says:

      am I living in a simulation?
      literally no store is like this.

      stores are always
      entire left side: womens
      entire right sight: mens

      have any of you ever even stepped foot outside?

      • Anonymous says:

        The one floor only stores are 3/4 women and 1/4 men. Although one store I know changed into 1/8 men recently.
        The multi level stores are like OP picture shows.

      • Anonymous says:

        kmart near here is like this, if it was all one floor and those were the areas for those things.
        slice of the back is mens stuff, surrounded by womens things, womens underwear, and makeup.
        its pretty tepid clothing anyway, so no big loss. but yeah

  4. Anonymous says:

    Most men don’t give a shit about fashion. They should though, at least to the extent of wearing proper fit and understanding color theory. The real kick in the nuts in pics like that is you’ll never find shoes in the menswear section. And good luck finding clothes that aren’t meant for fatties.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Men buy their clothes at the hardware store and truck stops mostly. The market for men who shop at department stores is very small.

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