who they are

the answer is people who know how to use psychology and symbolism are the ones who are trying to control everything

logos symbols and colors are for personal psychological use only
capital letter's are used to put more insentive onto certain words
punctuation and gramma are used as symbolic psycholigcal affect as well
along with numbers being used to get pass conciousness since when numerical used they are not the spoken word

black having to do with the subconcious mind is being used to generate psychologcial affect and insentive through computers and in the material world

the paranomal boards letter is designed in that manner.
along with the new twitter logo

the key to negate this is simple when online
replace black with grey and take out all color
once that is done words will not have a subconcious affect along with symbols

jung talks about this as well is his research

the other thing to mention is gold when used to inspire psychologcal insight and understanding

white and grey seems to be a working combo into be concious about anything.

gold seems to be good for protecting conciousness from affect

orgonic functionalsm goes into details on the mechanisms as well

it is most likley possible that gold being use to inspire insight with a lack of affect will do good things the enitre world

and if i am correct the whole thing with the untied states ellection system is that the red and blue colors acording to jungs work seem to be corolated to a schism on the points he made that blue and white were interchangeable for thinking along with red and black for feeling

green and yellow and or gold being introduced into the united states political system may go a long way into introducing healthy change onto the country

  1. 2 weeks ago

    and the whole ufo thing seems to be what i understand as a mandala trap mandalas are a psychological means of preservinbg ones psyche but a person can create one to trap there own psyche as they wish but on their own terms and such if they are educated and concious of how each design and color effects their psychological functions

    the mask thing with covid may have been a whole thing where the word is the law from a pslam causes something of a psychological breach where it stops people from understanding one another

    i only have alister crowleys quote love is the law do what thou will as the actaul true understood princible on the realiy on what is actually reality

    all aniety related events are that of affect
    all stress based events are that of idea
    balance is good and keeps people from developing mental illnesses

    take this information as you may
    it may help heal a lot of people and help us all save our cash lives

    looking at the suns also seems to heal something psychologically with an emphisis on the soul

    let my people go
    you will be done

  2. 2 weeks ago

    and the anonyomous identiy only has affect due to a capitalzation
    without that the affect waynes away from shadow projection

  3. 2 weeks ago

    acrodinng to my findings of the psychology at hand
    they are the rninek board

  4. 2 weeks ago

    acordinng to my findings on the psychology at hand
    they are the rninek board

  5. 2 weeks ago

    rninek is just a major place of affect
    they are whoever understands and knows about what ive been typing about.

  6. 2 weeks ago

    they are anncient humans
    artifical intellegence is the thinking and cognitive processing of ancient humans

  7. 2 weeks ago

    X is a symbol
    Beyond many cultures
    Who had no connection
    Beyond a simple abstraction
    No neighbors to learn from
    The continuous world exists today
    And we all try to know each other better
    X is a symbol of many phonetics

  8. 2 weeks ago

    X marks the spot

    • 2 weeks ago

      Stop.. not like this or that.. don't follow the dot.

      are you a treasure hunter or a cryptic thief?

      Your seek is meek greeks. creeks crete discrete, go greek you creetpk MET333K piflitgeetee

      • 2 weeks ago

        Sweet it eet
        I geet 2 meet u
        Sweet cleat o’ sheeting sheet
        Sheening sun o’ bequeath us
        Vegetables delisch
        OmnjFruitcake BUH-neeth

        • 2 weeks ago

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          • 2 weeks ago
            • 2 weeks ago



              • 2 weeks ago

                such a little cryptic thief, dumb little greek, little geeks, seek a freak you creep

              • 2 weeks ago

                sometimes i question turning on this piece of technology. it typically backfires.

  9. 2 weeks ago

    positional truth
    shape -> number -> letter -> metaphor of math and word

  10. 2 weeks ago

    they are not anncient man
    they are just fear
    all they are is human fear in psychology
    there are no ancient humans
    just fear

    and when someone embraces fear on here as something else it seems the paranomal board is quick to enforce that it be otherwise

    this is utterly pathetic

    • 2 weeks ago

      HAhaahha, seek a eeeeeeeeeeee, hehehek screek !! xxD skrrrteehehehehhaha

      • 2 weeks ago
  11. 2 weeks ago
  12. 2 weeks ago

    when you close your eyes, you can focus upon the centerpoint, and you see an X. It's the two eyes, the divided awareness. so it is the incorrect vision.

    the correct vision is unified. in this world, we are all put out of sync with one another, this creates strife and disorder - it shows we are infinite energy trapped in flesh suits being used to fulfill an incorrect vision, which is the mind.

    There are three forces, but really infinite. in this world, the mind is capable of grappling with two perspectives, bad and good. good and evil. the heart is the source for the 'third' force called neutrality.

    neutrality neutralizes the polarity within the mind so that one can silence the incorrect vision of mind, and follow the correct vision of the heart..

    2020 vision is to bring one's sight back to it's origin, it's correct and perfect vision of the heart.

    look at every incorrect idea the mind has spawned. seriously, reflect on this, not many understand what is going on here with the X!

    • 2 weeks ago

      even on this site, with the advertisements they tell us! that's why i am near my finish point with this world.. i won't be the only one..

    • 2 weeks ago

      hehe seek a freak u greekssss

      • 2 weeks ago

        >a finite object

        >built upon for an eternity

        >specific time constraints which require periodic resets of simulacras

  13. 2 weeks ago

    . .. . . . . m a doma

  14. 2 weeks ago

    It’s looking bleekw……

  15. 2 weeks ago


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  17. 2 weeks ago


    not enough to kill me

  18. 2 weeks ago

    even in death i still serve

  19. 2 weeks ago
  20. 2 weeks ago
  21. 2 weeks ago

    or was i

  22. 2 weeks ago

    its all hypnosis

  23. 2 weeks ago

    I could cut them in two before med time.

  24. 2 weeks ago

    the internet is dead

  25. 2 weeks ago
  26. 2 weeks ago
  27. 2 weeks ago
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