The future of humanity depends on this secret society and their 200 million samurai They can raise 200 million samurai at will.

Did you know there’s a war on for the future of humanity? The White Dragon Society meets up in a televised conference in Japan to discuss how they’re going to take over the world with their 200 million samurai they can summon at will. Also, special message to Queen Elizabeth: Isis is upset and wants her crown back.

P.S. Are you using Brave yet? Delay the skynet by using the browser that automatically strips all tracking and ads. Brendan Eich (of JavaScript fame) is its CEO.

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Limbo this what ka(y)tana wielding nkbrdz evolve into?

Jess Lannister
Jess Lannister

They spend their entire lives trapped in some teenage 90s fantasy wtf