71 thoughts on “Which one should I get?

    • Anonymous says:


      also recc the ebernon lows if you wanna go for a more "marshmellow" look, also cheap

      These looks good

    • Anonymous says:



      court vision low, lightweight and its an affordable alternative to the af1, underrated asf

      I have these, except I’m a manlet so these make me look too short. Don’t even wear them anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      i mean yeh its almost an inch of rubber on your heel.
      but only people who are short and visibly insecure about their height care about looking taller.
      and those shoes are not going to change that, leg lengthening isnt going to change that, cutting off your legs and getting longer prosthetics are not going to change that.
      be at peace with your natural height or will die seething.

      • Anonymous says:

        because i have the af1 and the dunk and i prefer the upper of the af1 and the sole of the dunk
        the dunk is just more comfortable to walk in but i prefer how the af1 looks.
        af1 is a thick, heavy shoe.
        it would be alright if it was like rubber sole then a toe to heel air pocket layer and then another rubber layer. which would reduce weight, keep the size and make it more comfortable to walk in also it would make it more flexible

  1. Anonymous says:

    The dunks are more appropriate if you are white or white presenting. AF1 if you are hip hop and live in a high crime area.

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