53 thoughts on “Which do you prefer for Polos? Ralph Lauren or Lacoste?

    • Anonymous says:

      Lacoste carries the stigma of maghrebi and chavs for me.
      RL is a little better, i don’t mind african americans.
      I prefer Boggi milano and unbranded stuff in general (before the whole quiet luxury trend was a thing).

      Pozzed. Trying to desecrate something innocent and intended for kids, like a bunny, and turning it into something about death or drugs.
      This is literal nonce shit and you should have a nice day in the face if you wear this.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would not wear any item of clothing as plain as a monocolor polo with a brand logo on it, and would not pay any more than $5 for it. Way too boring.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Each come with their respective connotations and associations depending on your country but I prefer Lacoste over RL. Here’s why:
    RL is worn by tossers and zoomers trying to dress classically?
    Lacoste is more classic
    Lacoste polos are finer and objectively nicer
    Lacoste use mother of pearl buttons
    Lacoste have way more colours
    Lacoste have a bigger collar which I find more flattering

  3. Anonymous says:

    Between the two RL Polo but RL Polo also sucks now.

    This is currently my favorite polo over $100

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