41 thoughts on “Where do you buy your basic tops?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mid-tier thrift stores
    >Wearing contemporary fashion
    Shit rips after a season, a good 100% cotton Hanes shirt from 1995 is much better quality, if you want something tight any shirt from the 70s or 80s is gonna feel better and last longer for a lower price.

    • Anonymous says:

      this anon is correct
      if you don’t want to spend like 30-70 per tee
      and if you don’t have a rectangle torso (if you do just buy la apparel)
      vintage tees will be the value king. if you can’t find them at your local thrift stores they’re all over ebay poshmark etc cheap. i tend to like the cuts better too. condition varies when buying online but a worn in tee isn’t a bad look when the tee isn’t some low quality shit that falls apart and looks cheap after a few washes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    high quality:
    all loopwheeled tees are made by either https://www.loopwheeler.co.jp/ or https://merzbschwanen.com/ regardless of brand, or not actually loopwheeled tees.
    re-brand to re-brand it just depends what shape you want the tee to be.
    anything other than those or a brand made by those i’d want to try in person or have a free return policy before i spend more than $70 a tee.

    mid price go-to:
    reigning champ
    jap loopwheel tees in 2/3 packs (slow but cheap when buying direct)

    cheap tees & printing blanks:
    bella + canvas are the best mass produced
    but i get way better blanks for 50% more per shirt from a local guy

    tube knit tees:
    tees without side seams shaped like a tube.
    i don’t wear these because i’m an inverted trapezoid torso, but if you have a rectangle torso and don’t need any shape to your tee they’re a great value:
    la apparel
    costco kirkland heavyweight (tucking length only, black/white only, most stores don’t carry black, seasonal item annoying to buy)
    gildan heavyweight (note: vintage ones are cheap & way higher qual)

    thin material tees:
    i would never buy these without being able to try them on in person to see how they drape. thrift.

    things to look for/avoid/know:
    not all cotton is the same quality there’s more to it than oz/yard
    bad collars and lazy collar construction is what ruins most tees, they all seem fine when new if you don’t know what to look for, but cheap tees get ruined by the wash fast
    a lot of ‘loopwheeled’ products on the market aren’t actually
    never buy tees without side seams under the armpit unless you have a rectangle torso or close to it
    tees with the seams under the armpit are a lot more involved to make than tube tees, expect to pay more for good ones
    sleeve shape is actually kind of easy to alter if the sleeves are too big on a tee

      • Anonymous says:

        mid price go-to:
        forgot to mention
        uniqlo u / uniqlo supima
        american giant

        depends a lot on budget per tee and also your torso length (unless you’re going higher end and willing to get them altered) if you’re not tucking and v or inverted trapezoid its key your tees aren’t too long.
        look for:
        side seams under the arms (this means there’s actual shape to the shirt)
        a slight slight v shape to the torso, but not too much. unless you want a boxy fit, which also will look good on you.
        the right ones will be marketed as slim fit just find ones where the sleeves are the right size for your arms.
        my uniqlo supimas have some shape to them, as do some of my vintage gildans, and studio’dartisan are pretty slim.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, we doing some gangsta shit, so Uniqlo left us, so I no longer buy tops. Basic or complex. I hope they will be back in a couple of years.

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