38 thoughts on “where do I find a jacket like this from a trusty shop that doesn't cost five thousand dollars?

      • Anonymous says:

        God i hate poorlets

        it’s not worth 5k if it doesn’t say loro piana and it isn’t lined with the best silk and high quality fur from marten, mink, sable etc., cut from the best leather, which the luxury clothes costing that much usually are.
        the actual poorlets are those people who copy the pricing by selling such a jacket for 2k but use mediocre leather, faux fur, silk subsitutes or god forbid polyester! many such cases!
        and let me tell you, the only people I know who actually unironically buy loro piana are either nouveau riche or actual billionaires.

        normal people even with a couple million in the bank, not in hecking finance roulette assets, in the bank 40m, right, those people usually just wear what they like and still don’t want to throw out the money they worked for or which they keep in the family and stable, or grow, right.

        you need to be stupid or actually invested to spend this much on clothes. the vast majority will not be this invested and cannot be this invested in clothes. that doesn’t mean those people ought to go naked.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah, is this thread again. It’s a B3 type jacket. Real ones (shearling) usually cost in yhe hundreds if not thousands. You might find a second hand one at a non-prohibitive price on thrift stores and online.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey I actually stumbled upon this exact jacket on vinted for 30 bucks lmao; it’s not my style so there you go : https://www.vinted.fr/items/3474998959-bomber-biker-aviador-forrada-de-borreguillo-river-skin-talla-m-medidas-indicadas
    you’re hella lucky because this dude only sells genuine vintage stuff AND it’s affordable

    I hope you live in europe tho

      • Anonymous says:

        YW, I really relate to the quest for the ideal jacket, especially when its the type of shit that’s best when vintage

        good luck bro you’ll find the one eventually (this place is like LULZ but with jackets and clothes instead of girlfriends as a topic)

        • Anonymous says:

          >this place is like LULZ but with jackets and clothes instead of girlfriends as a topic
          yeah also a bit of a mix of people who use international, I once posted my long hair on some hair thread and people started getting creepy over it lmao

          • Anonymous says:

            Some weirdos went from normal compliments which I appreciated because I grew the hair for three years in the first place and it took some time to manage it – to desperately begging me for more pictures and a face reveal lol, as if I’m ever going to post my face on this weird website so that some chuddy blumpkinz can post it 24/7 on some thread lol. Guess I looked a little twinky back then and some people unironically beat it to guy’s like me.
            Also there was that one thread where a guy posted a screenshot of his folder where he randomly collects the faces of people from international. So yeah that’s what I mean by creepy. You never know who you find on this website lol

          • Anonymous says:

            ohh yeah yeah I definitely see that stuff whenever someone has a slightly effeminate/delicate appearance the conversation soon turns into lust and fetishes around here

    • Anonymous says:


      looks like cheap shit and fits like ass

      >the way the paper thin leather is creasing already
      >proportions are hecked

  3. Anonymous says:

    I tried shearlings from Schott, Belstaff, and Cockpit USA.

    Cockpit USA is the best by far, it’s not even close (granted, for around 1500, it should be). The Belstaff one was scratchy as hell, and the Schott just wasn’t as poofy and well made. Get yourself a RAF bomber. It looks almost exactly like the one in the pic. I get a heck ton of complements on mine – girls always want to try it on. Just be warned – it’s uncomfortably warm above maybe 40F. It’s extremely insulating, so hopefully you’re not some cali gay that just wants to wear it to cosplay.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry it takes like 4 sheeps to make one of those, you arent going to find one cheap unless it’s made out of plastic leather and polyester fleece.

  5. Anonymous says:

    google USAAF Type B-6 and take the old tripgay acSlaterlol because he told me thats the name.

    sub to his channel he says dumb shit and he is funny

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