22 thoughts on “Where did the old?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I only started browsing here in 2018 and lurked till maybe 2020-21. People said then (18-19) that they were already so far removed from the original good /fashion/ which they date around 11-14 I think, so imagine how literal shit this place has to be in 2023. The only thing worthwhile when I browsed was inspo threads and maybe there was an interesting genre of the week/month, when dark academia was getting posted months before it showed up on tiktok it was immediately seen as gay but it was kinda fun, sleezecore threads were cool, they posted psychedelic academic threads for a literal 2 weeks and then never again and it was the coolest thing I saw on this board. Now nobody even knows anything about anything and its a few lames who buy clothes from Walmart
    pic related is two tripfags arguing I thought it was pretty funny

    • Anonymous says:

      >redditposting tripgay vs. obese tripfag
      not the worst board but it’s up there in terms of overall level of enshittification

  2. Anonymous says:

    The early days of /fashion/ weren’t very inspiring. A lot of r/mfa type advice (dark blue jeans, pea coat, button down shirt), and Cole Mohr was the board’s Summer Glau. I vaguely remember things being a bit more interesting maybe 6 years ago

  3. Anonymous says:

    I miss trunks, not because I liked any of his shit, but because I thought it was interesting to have someone so obviously mentally unhinged posting here with a trip. He was comfortable enough to reveal that he lived in a group home for like stupid people or whatever, and he still continued to post and spend his money on horribly ugly fits because he didn’t understand how hecked the situation was.

    I’m glad we have Cecil as a new hecked in the head trip poster, but it’s not the same because he doesn’t post fits

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