28 thoughts on “When did UNIQLO get expensive?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Uniqlo became the biggest clothing retailer in the entire world because redditor went crazy for it. Every single shill on YouTube and social media was shilling uniqlo 24/7 for years and years as this ‘affordable quality underdog’. The shilling is still going and every normie npc defaults to buying uniqlo for all their basics

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just buy it from uniqlo japan, even with international shipping it’s still cheaper than in your country and they don’t really change their sizing to fit westerners so you can just buy the same sizes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >50 for a hoodie
    ive bought hoodies off amazon etc for less and theyre ass bad as youd expect. cheap polyster blends with horrible stitching, they COME damaged rather than getting worn out faster than quality garments. ive gotten cheap $10 t shirts from them as well and the they stitching is all uneven or loose thread that will unravel after one wash. its not worth being a hebrew trying to pinch every penny for basics in 2023, since ur gonna be worse off in the long run. only alternative is to inspect cheap clothes in person at a store to make sure there arent any defects

  4. Anonymous says:

    They really hecked up their website too, way worse than before. Plus you need to make an account to buy things now. Not worth it. And the stuff they have is shit these days. Same with Muji, unfortunately. Was better in 2019. Went to shit afterwards, probably thanks to Covid hecking things up. I wish they’d at least left their website alone. It was perfectly fine before. I wish people/companies would stop changing things just for the sake of change and having nothing better to do. It always turns out worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      agreed, absolute nightmare to navigate. additionally, they’ve made it really hard for me to stay a customer with their dogshit return policy. items must be returned at the same store it was purchased, and online orders can only be returned online. on top of that, returning online orders is not free. really disappointed in uniqlo these past few years.

      • Anonymous says:

        Problem with thrifting is that it’s a huge hit or miss endeavour and takes a lot of time getting the stuff you want. I scourge the thirft shops in my city about once per month dedicating about a full day and 90% of times I walk home empty handed.
        I love thrifting but is not a reliable method to get your basics in my experience.
        Not to mention that since it became a trend prices are skyrocketing and influencers and flippers dry the stores of anything remotely wearable.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah I feel you not much but I search maybe 5 thrifts once a week also tjmax marshal Ross and burlington. When I go grocery shopping I check the clearance rack at Walmart. Mostly end up empty handed but the hunt is fun

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