What're dreams, and why do we have them? What do they mean? Have you ever had a paranormal dream experience?

What're dreams, and why do we have them? What do they mean? Have you ever had a paranormal dream experience? I'll start.
I once had an encounter with an intelligent entity that trapped me in a dream and tormented me for what felt like days but was only a few hours.

>Last summer
>Wake up in my bed, realize I'm not alone
>This girl that I had met a few months earlier was in my room, but she had a mouth full of sharp teeth like a shark

At this point I realize I'm dreaming. I've been lucid dreaming since I was a young teen, but this time was different. I had no control over the dream.

>Something about this dream character was different, not like dream characters usually behave. It seemed intelligent and not from my subconscious, like it was from somewhere else
>Proceed to struggle with this entity, try to leave my house but I'm unable to
>It grabs me from behind and sinks is mouth full of teeth into my neck, everything fades to black
>Wake up in my bed again. Immediately realize it's another false awakening because some small details in my room were off
>Entity is still there, only this time it's in the form of my ex gf
>We were together for a long time, I was still heartbroken at time
>Realize that this entity took the form of her on purpose in order to cause me the most distress possible
>She/It proceeds to intentionally say/do things to hurt me emotionally, we struggle, I try to escape, It tells me that I'm powerless and cannot escape
>Fade to black, wake up in my bed again, another false awakening
>This happens 3 or 4 times
>Eventually, after what felt like hours/days, I begin to plead/bargain with this entity to stop

  1. 2 weeks ago

    >cucking to an entity
    >literally lost to nothing

  2. 2 weeks ago

    >I was at a dark time in my life, was addicted to fentanyl, told it that I would get clean and turn my life around if it would allow me to wake up
    >I've had dreams that I couldn't wake up from before, but I've always been and to kill myself by jumping from something tall which always caused me to wake up
    >Couldn't do that this time
    >The entity completely changes it's demeanor, becomes kind, tells me it will let me wake up if I do something for it irl
    >I tell it that I will, but it will need to give me some sort of reminder irl otherwise I may forget the details of what it wants me to do
    >Continues being nice, asks me to come sit down by It on my bed
    >We talk, it tells me what it wants me to do, I say ok I will, now please wake me up
    In an instant, It reverses it's demeanor back and tells me It was just fucking with me and that I'm going to be trapped here forever
    >I start freaking out, it starts laughing maniacally at my distress
    >A black hole opens in the middle of my bedroom floor, everything is getting sucked down into it, as a last ditch effort I leap over the black hole into my bed, lay down, and close my eyes
    >Open my eyes and I'm now awake, in my bed, in real life

    The crazy thing was I've never woke up like that. It was like blinking, it was a seamless transfer from the dream into real life, it wasn't like waking up at all, it was as if I had blinked back into real life. My frame of vision was the exact same and everything

    • 2 weeks ago

      I was distressed that I called my mom and woke her up at 3am to tell her about it while I chain smoked cigs on my front porch.

      Like I said, I was in a dark place at the time, completely strung out on fentanyl, and I had visited her earlier that week and she had told me that it felt like something dark was following me.

      Also, about a week later my best friend who I saw multiple times per week told me about a dream he just had where he was stuck in and endless mall with a man who was controlling his dream and wouldn't let him wake up. Said he was pleading with the man to let him wake up and everything, and that it felt like he was in there for days. I hadn't mentioned my dream to him before that, but when he told me that I flipped out and told him what had happened to me because of the similarities.

    • 2 weeks ago

      >mfw I'm still fucking with you in this moment >:^)

      • 2 weeks ago

        This was a legit fear of mine for like a week afterwards. I had intense derealization and kept thinking I'd wake up in my bed at any moment. Never happened tho

    • 2 weeks ago

      Your dream may symbolize your want for control over your life and the struggles you face in achieving this. Perhaps you feel stuck and powerless in some aspect of your life; the entity could represent discomfort and fear you feel over this. The knight may symbolize your desire to fight for yourself and take control, even if the outcome isn't certain. Ultimately, this dream could represent your need to take a chance and face the unknown.

      • 2 weeks ago

        I definitely did feel powerless over my life at the time. Had been in and out of jail/rehab for two years. Just shook me up because I had never experienced anything like it, and I've had some strange shit happen when it comes to dreams.

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    1) Dreams are an oneiric mirror of the real life and the mind of the dreamer. It is an extension of your consciousness while you are resting
    2) True interpretation requires intimate knowledge of the minute life of the dreamer and his mind. The dreamer holds the key to interpret his own dreams and figure out the correlation of the events in the dream to the corresponding situations in real life.
    3) I consider dreams to be immersive "workshops" to work out issues, like a video game's practice mode. Actions in dreams do not have consequences once you wake up. No one has ever been hospitalized because of an accident in a dream.
    4) Dreams are not good or bad omens in and out of themselves. They do not predict the future. They have no hold on real life. They are not external messages from the spirit world*. You will not access "information" you are not already privy to in your real life, although some bits of it that you are aware of may take new forms and be combined and rearranged in creative ways. So-called "prophetic" dreams are either coincidences or self-fulfilled prophecies.
    *I regretfully include this bit even though I hate to discount the possibility that dreams are a portal to or from an external extraordinary world. I have dreamed of my mother in a very positive way soon after her death and it was very comforting at the time as I believed it was her own soul contacting me. However I now hold the view that the dream world is entirely internally generated due to my life experience. I am not interested in denying other people's unexplained or paranormal experiences, but I cannot honestly support their claims either.

    • 2 weeks ago

      5) However, revelations or certainties that have been brewing subconsciously in one's mind for a time may finally surface within a dream, and as such affect real life. In other words, you may access your intuition in a more vivid form.
      6) Dreams are not always about life or death issues, but often about trivial situations. They are no less useful but their importance should not be exaggerated.
      7) Nightmares have a very positive connotation for the dreamer and should be embraced. They are simulations which prepares you psychologically for future difficulties and challenges. If you wake up from a nightmare and feel relieved that it is over, consider your day blessed.
      8) Not all details in a dream have a profound meaning. There is a lot of randomly generated "noise" that is not worth pondering about, especially if you have no special emotional reaction to it within the dream. Dreams are not David Lynch movies, mathematical equations or puzzles to be solved, even though they certainly are cryptic, fickle and frustrating to interpret.
      9) A good first step to interpret a dream is to focus on your emotional responses within them. The stronger the emotion, the more there is to take away from this part of the dream.
      10) Over-analysis of a dream is a mistake and a dead-end. Dreams are to be understood emotionally and holistically rather than logically and rationally. A good dream is hard to put into words and recall in a way that makes sense in real life. The more one thinks and tries to recall a dream, the more one may inevitably distance oneself from the original dream experience.

      • 2 weeks ago

        11) Dreams do not have ONE meaning, or ONE message. just like an image is worth a thousand words, a dream is worth a thousand interpretations. These interpretations are as much right or as much wrong as you may judge, or as you may find them helpful with time.
        12) Our beliefs define our reality.
        13) Dreams are like inspecting bizarre maps in a strange language and littered with obscure symbols, marked with a big X in the middle that says : "you are here". My general theory about the function of dreams is that they are a spiritual tool meant to help guide us in our awakened lives.
        14) It's ok to go on with your life without understanding perfectly what a given dream means or represents. Keeping a dream journal may help shed clarity on some old dreams after some time has passed. You may see more clearly the correlation between some aspects of the dream and what you were living at the time, when you are a little removed from the situation.
        15) The above is in no way not meant to be an authoritative, definitive take on dream interpretation, it is just a quick primer by an experienced layman meant for people who are new to dream interpretation. This primer intentionally says less, rather than more. It is quite possible that there are dreaming "master levels" that I have not unlocked or that I even suspect exists, but i am just not in a position to talk about them whatsoever.
        16) My fundamental point is that dream interpretation is deeply personal, and it is lifelong journey. Once you get the hang of it, it's up to you how far you take it and ultimately how you chart your own course.

  4. 2 weeks ago

    >things that never happened

    • 2 weeks ago

      Lmfao is it really so unbelievable? nagger

      • 2 weeks ago

        I reads like a fake greentext reddit story

        • 2 weeks ago

          I'm just bad at making greentexts and I'm on a shitty Android phone. I can assure you this really happened to me last July

  5. 2 weeks ago

    Last dream I had this morning I was on a snowy mountain with people, and I hoped over a railing and slide down a slight slop with people following behind me and they were planting and landing on a vending machine.
    The dream before that, I was in a car taking pills, and was at my old middle school at dark, next segment there were 3 kids with xbox controllers and headsets and I was being played as a side scroller, before standing on top of a train and riding across a bridge into a place where there was a cat, clothing everywhere, food, etc.
    Another dream I was in a skyscraper, and I climbed out before turning into like king kong and woke up cause I couldn't get down.

    • 2 weeks ago

      It could be highlighting a need to take some kind of action to make positive changes. Cultivating a sense of security, resilience, and abundance could be key in your journey to a more desirable outcome. Therefore, work to recognize and explore the underlying dynamics at play and discover what's blocking you. This could enable you to find the strength to make decisions and focus your energy on manifesting the life you want.

  6. 2 weeks ago

    Today i had a dream where i was alone in the train, but i see dozens of people i knew at train platform waving at me and smiling
    I recognized 3/5 people, one girl i recognized too well

    What can that means

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