What style is this?

I was shocked to stumble upon this picture. I really like it. Is it a distinctive style? I would like to know so I can research it some more. On the onset, I see:

Elements of emo with the hair
Goth with the dark colours
Grunge with the oversized sweater
Urban street with the puffy jacket

I’m not into macho, guy style. I like this style because I feel it represents somebody who is introverted, empathic, and creative. Maybe someone that is observant to psycho-sociological dynamics. Sensitive to social energy. Non-conformist, particularly to gender binary.

I’d appreciate similar pictures.

72 thoughts on “What style is this?

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s basically all the styles you listed thrown in the blender of internet aesthetics, mixed with gay fetishism of course.

    • Anonymous says:

      So you’re saying this is a new fashion sense? One that I cannot merely search up? So, like, I’d have to bust my ass going to clothing shop to clothing shop, thrift store to thrift store, to piece it all together?

    • Anonymous says:

      To zoomers who have never seen an emo or goth because they were 3 when the movements were in their death gasps, wearing black = goth/emo

    • Anonymous says:

      tons of emo kids wore stripes back in the day. not as if they invented stripes, but they were pretty ubiquitous, so i don’t think it’s unreasonable to point them out especially in red and black, not to mention black hair with red highlights even if not in the trademark swoft style

  2. Anonymous says:

    You mean scene girls?
    It’s partly a 2000s nostalgia thing, aesthetics comes in waves and all that.
    How did this site collectively forget what a scene girl is, is every other user here born after 2010 and actually 14?

  3. Anonymous says:

    it is anime.
    Do you not style yourself after anime.
    I love anime, but they aren’t bound by the same rules we are

    • Anonymous says:

      puffer jacket anon said

      Literally late 00s hot topic core with a puffer jacket

      >t. former twink who had a sweater and choker like that

  4. Anonymous says:

    Every single poster that mentions “gender binary” outside of /lgbt/ should be permanently range-banned.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish I knew who the artist was. I just found this image on LULZ somewhere.

      I think people on this thread for their interest and insights. I’m hoping to dress in a more creative way. I was hoping analyzing the fashion style of the picture would be a good start.

      • Anonymous says:

        well while trying to search, i found that the character is a vtuber named mashiro meme
        and that the OP pic is apparently his 3rd costume
        while i am at it OP i just wanna say heck you you made me burn my rice stop posting hot guys (no homo)

        • Anonymous says:

          i found the artist here is a link to his final drawing the OP pic is a WIP

          • Anonymous says:

            Nice find. That is interesting that this picture seems to be the only one of his like it.

            There are some interesting related pictures that might hold some potential for similar style.

  5. Anonymous says:

    That’s Mashiro. He’s a Nijisanji Vtuber with a heavy horror theme.
    It’s been a while since I saw the stream where he talked about that outfit but I think he said something about it being inspired by K-pop with some grunge/punk notes.
    Here’s the stream
    And here is the dude who designed the outfit
    He also linked Mashiro’s twitter account. Go follow Mashiro, he retweets a lot of fan art.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think you might look a bit derelict wearing a normal puffy jacket over distressed and raw clothing. As whenever you aren’t posing like in the OP, ppl would only see glimpses of what lies beneath and it might seem more dirty than fashionable. I’d look for something more deliberately ostentatious like pic rel.

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