23 thoughts on “What is this neck cloth thing called? Is it gay or pretentious to wear this instead of a tie? It looks pretty cool.

  1. Vieo says:

    It doesn’t matter what it is.

    It only looks good in anime.

    It won’t look good on you.

    You’re not an anime character.

    Stop trying to model yourself after anime

    You’re not anime.

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you get that hair to stay looking like that after your hair dries? I can style that hair for literally 10 mins after shower and then I look like a loser

  2. Anonymous says:

    to wear things around your neck means you are extremely homosexual. that is why the human race died out and ceased to exist in the 18th century.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Damn I feel bad for people like OP
    Imagine being some third worlder, most likely Indian who is too dumb to even string a couple sentences in English together. You are watching some shitty anime on your your cheap android chinkphone surrounded by filth and wearing flip flops when you see something that amazes you.
    ‘The anime man is wearing something I like, I want to look like that! ‘ you think to yourself.

    Being a malnourished third worlder pajeet with the shittiest genetics in the world you are too hecking dumb to even find the name of it. You have the entire internet at your disposal and even artificial intelligence but the indian IQ is too low, you simply can’t figure it out.
    You come to LULZ and using your entire mental capacity you write ‘what is this cloth’. Finally you get an answer!
    You quicky go to aliexpress and after 5 months it arrives at your hut.
    You did it, you put it on your neck matching your stained tshirt, shorts and flip flops among the filth and feces, and snap a picture.

    "I am literally Levi, I truly am."

    • Anonymous says:

      You wrote all this to mock OP but honestly I find it depressing that hecking third worlders care more about our historical fashion then us westerners do. like all the Hispanics dressing a peaky blinders. If you go outside wearing a cravat here in any western country you’d probably get a bunch of gays propositioning you for sex. But it is ironic how they’re so willing to wear these colonial/imperialism era clothes when all fashion at that time was made off the exploitation of their people.

      • Anonymous says:

        if anyone fires a white person for a rajesh they deserve what’s coming

        brownoids are absolutely unequivocally the most hecking stupid lazy and stupid creatures in the workplace

        technically Black folk are dumber, but nobody hires them in the first place
        somehow shitjeevs actually manage to convince people they’re competent

        it’s like the AI grift but with actual insectoid people rather than computers

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