25 thoughts on “What is this haircut called?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Take photo to barber. Shower in the morning and comb hair back. It should then rest at this shape. It may take time to train your hair. Use a hairdryer to train your hair as needed but do not keep it in the routine regularly dor the long term

    • Anonymous says:

      they’ll make fun of him
      >*anon pulls out phone*: h-here’s a pic of the type of haircut i want
      >barber: lmao, you got pics of dudes saved on your phone?
      >*turns to the other people present in the barbershop*: yo, this guy right here has pictures of dudes saved on his phone *does the limp wristed gay gesture*
      >*everyone laughs*

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m not gay but Ben Chilwell is extremely handsome. Just because you get the haircut, doesn’t mean you’re going to be as handsome as Ben Chilwell. Just remember that, OP.

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