30 thoughts on “What is the most effay carry

  1. Anonymous says:

    Any metal framed, hammer fired gun in a shoulder holster under a jacket.
    It’s somewhat of a larp, but damn is it /fashion/.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is no /fashion/ way to carry.
    You carry concealed and no one will ever see it.
    If you open carry, you’re an attention seeking gay.

    • Anonymous says:

      IMHO open carry is better because the public and police know who’s armed
      On topic, I personally think that anything hammer fire action with wood grips is most kino

      • Anonymous says:

        2-inch revolver is up there
        >no safety
        >always carrying one in the chamber
        >DA for more precision if necessary
        >won’t leave your brass behind as evidence if you decide to run
        >can be fired through your clothing e.g. jacket pocket
        >can be pressed up against someone and fired
        >pull the trigger and it goes bang everytime
        >just looks cool

        >know who’s armed
        that’s the exact reason open carry is stupid

      • Anonymous says:

        >open carry
        >telegraph to everyone that you own a gun
        >now the friendly neighborhood jogger knows who to target first in a robbery and/or to steal guns from
        same goes for people who wear 5.11 clothes to be honest

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