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          • Anonymous says:

            whiskey sour is /fashion/ as f, I’ve made a bartender chase an real egg for me from the hotel kitchen next door, and once even had one go to the store for me while I had a whiskey raw first after publicly talking over them when they tried to tell me their vegan egg clone is just as good on both occasions

          • Anonymous says:

            you’re a massive cunt lol they both knew the vegan egg is obviously not as good it just takes much longer to make it with real egg. and it cuts into valuable time you could be helping other guests and banging out service tickets.

            >I’ve made a bartender chase an real egg for me from the hotel kitchen next door
            cringe. brutal cringe. imagine being this blind to social cues lol

    • Anonymous says:

      came here to second old fashioned.

      Unless you’re a 70 year old man people will assume you don’t drink very often and are mimicking what you’ve seen in movies and tv shows (which you probably are).

      yep it’s balance of class and not looking like an autist, like that guy


  1. Anonymous says:

    100 ml vodka from the newrest convenience store + a can of coke. Drank right outside of the club.

    Buying actual drinks is for women. Your father is disappointed OP

    • Anonymous says:

      my father taught me to buy one (1) drink for a woman, if I were trying to game them and no more, it’s pretty fool proof and stops roasties from taking advantage of you. It’s enough to show interest and not too much to be taken advantage of and pay for her and her girls drinks all night and ghosted. LOVE you pops.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon-peel

  3. Anonymous says:

    That entirely depends on your intentions at the bar. If you want to look like a slick sigma /fashion/ and sit alone get whiskey on the rocks. If you want to actually get laid get a domestic beer or something not weird

  4. Anonymous says:

    For me it’s the
    >old fashioned
    >whiskey sour
    >vieux carre
    Don’t care if they’re /fashion/ I just like them

  5. Anonymous says:

    Straight warm cutty no ice
    Rye whiskey
    6 shots of any clear top shelf tequila
    Gin & diet tonic w lime
    Old fashioned if I want to look classy
    Mojito when on the beach
    Red ales
    Fireball & cider

    Can’t smell vodka w out puking. Too much too many times

    I don’t drink anymore but life has me craving escapes & Mads is so swag

  6. Anonymous says:

    gin tonic, preferably dry tonic. if they offer any fancy shit other than lime or rosemary twigs (the latter is already on the fringe), turn them down. no cucumbers, olives, or whatever other weird shit the sidegig bartender comes up with. no weird tonic waters, either, especially not colored stuff.

    • Anonymous says:

      > fancy shit other than lime

      One of the worst things to happen to drinking culture over the last decade or so is people trying to force gin and tonic into being a fancy cocktail with loads of weird options, and a stupid big fishbowl glass, and half a hecking farmers market stuffed into it. A simple, good quality GnT is a thing of beauty, and it’s now almost impossible to get one anymore.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I asked for a whisky sour at one bar and the dude didn’t even know what it was. I felt so hecking embarrassed even though it seems like it’s his fault really? Isn’t that a super basic drink?
    heck me now I just order rum and coke

    • Anonymous says:

      It happens. Some casual shitty bars and pubs won’t be able to make anything more difficult than gin and tonic.

      I always just ask if a bartender can make one instead of assuming though. If they can’t just order something easy lel
      An amaretto sour is fine too

  8. Anonymous says:

    dry martini because it enables you to drink what’s essentially just a large glass of gin in public without attracting attention

    • Anonymous says:

      Some quality whiskey.

      I’ll literally ask for that next time, thanks. In a martini glass.
      My regular order up until now has been water with slices of lime and lemon. (Not lemonade, so no sugar or syrup.)

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