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    • Anonymous says:

      the super baggy trend is a trend for 16yo (children) wannabe skaters.
      if you’re a manlet you should be trying to look less childish not more.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not talking about fast fashion pants for girls with an 11.5" opening. A decade ago a "classic fit" leg opening for men’s trousers was 7.5 inches, "slim fit" was 7, "skinny fit" was 6.75 inches, and nobody went over 7.5" even for office clothes unless you were seriously out of touch. Now "classic" is 8.5, "slim" is 7.5", and nobody dares go under 7.25". The overton window has been clearly moved by a half inch which is definitely noticeable if you’re a manlet.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m a zillennial on the shorter side and I still wear slim-fits today. But I don’t feel out of place because most of my coworkers are millennials or Xers and never got out of their slim-fit phase. I’d say even zoomer manlets should stick with slim-fits. A good fit is better than trend-chasing.

  1. Anonymous says:

    japanese streetwear and japanese designers in general
    its all cut for athletic manlet body types in mind & jap fashion leans heavily to the timeless not trend side of things.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t want to change your muscle mass and hair/jaw line then see Kibbe Gamine and Romantic male stylings.

    If you are willing to change your body you need to thickems max.
    That doesn’t mean fat with no mucles. It means to be thick in muscles. A little fat is fine as long as you have muscles underneath.
    Thicken your neck, shoulders and pecks. The t shape will be your best asset. Wear styles to compliment that.
    It’s better to look like a thick dwarf warrior then a boyish halfling (unless homosexual).
    Short men tend to have large foreheads, this will make you look more childlike so change up your hair style and try to grow facial hair.
    You want to look effortless so don’t go too flashy otherwise you’ll scream insecurity and people will avoid you or accuse you of napoleon syndrome.
    Kanyes styling is all about width maxing. Even his shoes are thickems and wide. He often wears a baggy top that hides his waist, this is so you don’t see how short his legs are (short legs make you look shorter) Notice how thick and puffy his coats are?
    Remeber what I said about flashyness screams insecurity?
    Look at kanyes textures – leathers and distressed materials, usually in a monochrome pallete. These textures scream masculinity, the colour pallete says security, stability and chic without being flashy.

      • Anonymous says:

        hard agree. despite not really being a big fan of the guy or following him much ever, his fashion trajectory has been very similar to mine conceptually over the years, just expressed differently. we dress very different but the ideas behind it are convergent. width/massmaxxing, taking full advantage of texture, etc.
        he doesn’t do it very much any more but one of the best tricks i picked up from something he did in the past, and also brother sharp: you can and should utilize layering pants, when the weather permits, to increase your visual mass when you want to jacketmaxxx even harder but still want to keep things in proportion. want to make your legs look a lot bigger? put some thin sweat pants under your jeans. you just need the cuts to be increasingly slimmer like a russian nesting doll & pockets to not bulge too much. makes your cock look bigger too.
        notice how short the torso is on all his shirts, sweaters, and especially jackets? key. any jacket with that boxy, masculine fit where the arms are loose and baggy but the sleeve length and shoulder break are in the right place so it doesn’t look like the wrong size but intentional? key wardrobe staple for manlets. get a puffy one, a denim one, a leather one, a gore tex one etc.

          • Anonymous says:

            in person until you know exactly what measurements to look for online. i said jap stuff earlier but i’m probably the most shit person to ask about getting that stuff online i live next to a guy who imports that stuff and knows my taste so i don’t have to do any of the thinking kek.
            if you don’t already get all your shit tailored that’s the key. most garments you can just alter and size for your shoulders+sleeve ignoring a lot of the other measurements. garments that are harder to alter like jackets, shit with zippers etc are the hard thing to track down.

          • Anonymous says:

            already know my measurements i just dont know where to find something like a good quality denim or leather bomber that isn’t 4 racks from balenciaga. been looking for years tbh

  3. Anonymous says:

    best move is pick the nearest major city to you, go on the plebbit board for whatever fashion niche tangentially related to what you’re looking for, and search your city and find a boutique. develop the sense of what works then shop online. pay the goy tax to try shit on.

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