What if the elites are just better than you?


Maybe this is the final redpill? The elites are not evil, they just have to rule and can't cater to just you but have to consider all of humanity.

  1. 1 week ago

    But what if we become the elites? Then that would make us better.

    • 1 week ago

      Ok when are you expecting to become elite? What is your strategy to get there?

      • 1 week ago

        But what if we become the elites? Then that would make us better.

        Play to your strengths. Autism

        I believe in us gentlemen

  2. 1 week ago

    They are just people, not demigods so I see no reason to hold them high

  3. 1 week ago

    I agree but they’re not “better” than us. Just more adept at getting things done, and have the resources to do it. I support them in ways that would make /misc/ throw a fit. They aren’t evil or bad.

    • 1 week ago

      >I support child murdering psychopaths

  4. 1 week ago

    What a dumbass
    Its just who wins

  5. 1 week ago

    Elites of the past at funded some great works. This current batch fucking sucks

    • 1 week ago

      This. If they didn't suck ass then I wouldn't be so against them. There's always going to be someone "better" than you, whether or not they deserve it or are working in societies interest is the question.

  6. 1 week ago

    black pill fags get the rope

  7. 1 week ago

    they rape kids
    they destroy the planet while blaming us

  8. 1 week ago

    they're better at lying, cheating, stealing, and murdering bc i don't do those things

  9. 1 week ago

    >tortures children for giggles
    >enslaves and controls the global population
    >openly anti-human
    >pollutes and destroys the natural world while blaming it on their slaves
    yeah you're right, they're really so enlightened and not soulless at all. Psychopathic sadists in a death cult? Pshh, nah.

    Also saged, kindly kill yourself OP.

  10. 1 week ago

    A lot of them are definitely genetically superior. Some are just greasy slimeballs who got lucky. Almost none of them are good, moral people.

  11. 1 week ago

    That's peak slave mentality. If you want to live your life thinking you have no value and there are people who are inherently better than you, go ahead and do that.

    God has chosen NO ONE. We are all equal in the eyes of the Great Father.

  12. 1 week ago

    parasites. they are parasites. they take more than they need and use it to make you think you need more parasites

  13. 1 week ago

    "why do you think the elites have a responsibility for you?"
    nobody has ever said they did. you delusional homosexual.

  14. 1 week ago

    >implying trillionaire pedophiles that spend lifetimes fucking over mankind have your best interests at heart
    Cmon man
    >captcha: nagar

  15. 1 week ago

    The fact that you even call them "elites" reveals your plebeian constitution. These are not aristocrats and dignified statesmen, these are also plebs. They just crawled out of the gutters and bribed their way to the top. They were more evil than you. More sneaky and crafty. I suspect that if you were also playing the evil, sneaky, crafty game, it would be a match. But you're not. In fact, their victory relies on you believing that everyone is playing by the same rules. So their victory necessarily lowers them as physical and moral beings. Not a victory at all. Not elites at all.

  16. 1 week ago

    LOL put me in a locked room with any of them and we'll see who's better. We'll see how much their family connections and media influence help them when the lights go out.

    • 1 week ago

      I'm pretty sure I could beat up every pencil neck billionaire as well, but we don't live in a primal sense anymore
      they have molded the world where they hold the reigns

      Andrew Tate is a slave
      Mark Zuckerberg is a master

  17. 1 week ago

    They're elitists, not elites. And no, they aren't better than anyone else simply because they deem it so due to their arrogance.

  18. 1 week ago

    >humanity, not the individuals comprising it
    when did self-proclaimed elites ever cater to anyone less powerful?
    spit that spunk out and wipe your mouth

  19. 1 week ago

    What if everybody else can read your mind but they keep it a secret from you?
    That's the ultimate redpill. Other people aren't mean, it's just all a game, or a scientific experiment!

  20. 1 week ago

    Yuval Hariri doesn't seem like a very nice person.
    Never trust dysgenic people in positions of power.
    They're often spiteful, hate the world and seek to kill millions.

  21. 1 week ago

    Look at that fucking dead face. Jesus Christ talk about total submission

  22. 1 week ago

    If this dude was on point or his ideas were any kind of threat he would have gotten canceled. Plus there is no way to escape the elites, who have been in control for generations. So even if you do good in the game you are still under their control. If there was a new physical frontier where you could go to outside of their reach they would quickly lose power. Trying to organize under their sphere of influence almost always ends up in failure because their agents become the higher ups in any movement and corrupt it.

  23. 1 week ago

    >my family acquired money at an earlier point in time and invested it in various enterprises
    >that means i'm better than you
    Bootlicking for the bourgeois? Is this the leftist's final form?

  24. 1 week ago

    Elites in 1st world countries use black magic.
    Elites in 3rd world countries use drugs and gangs.
    What do they both have in common?
    They are both forms of corruption, just one is visible to the human eye.

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