48 thoughts on “What clothes should I wear if I look like him?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why do good looking white men waste their genetics in ugly asian goblinas? That girl is worth like one goat and two pounds of flour in south east asia

    • Anonymous says:

      post-smartphone men are fundamentally socially autistic prone to goblin women predators seeking the tallest male to larp socially acceptable incest

    • Anonymous says:

      Trying to understand where to hate from wmaf couples towards brown males/females come from. Probably by this dynamics that the asian girls almost all is from the bottom of barrel thinking she won the lottery dating a 5/10 white guy. Then this couple come to the qest where all kinds of women mostly not going for white males. Must be a traumatic experience for the asian girl who was born and raised in a color caste system. Realising that her kids probably will be something special in asia but like Elliot Roger in the west.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you assuming they’re in a committed relationship.

      This is a pretty common occurrence white worshipping asian women get pumped and dump throughout their whole youth by white guys and marry an asian at the end

      • Anonymous says:

        All the while talking and acting like a fat trucker. Modern white women have no femininity. They all behave like dykes. No man would want to be with something like that. Even an Asian goblina is a far better alternative.

        • Anonymous says:

          >fell for the propaganda and thinks asian women don’t cheat
          All women are the same, the only reason the imported filipino wife won’t cheat is because they need to secure citizenship first. Pretending like they have standards is pure cope. Look at all the sociopathic white incel boomers that end up murdering their pinay import when they find out they just wanted citizenship and nobody wants to be with a creepy white loser

          • Brown Belt Recoleto Monk says:

            Nigga in the Philippines divorce is illegal and the Philippines has among the lowesr infidelity rates in the whole world.

            Oh lool at the stats. Philippines it top 6 in hating cheating…


          • Anonymous says:

            Go with Latinas. SEA is significantly poorer than LatAm. you’re a delusional incel if you think they’re not using you for that green card. Plus, latinas are typically 40-60% white. You can get a Nick Fuentes son not an ER.

        • Anonymous says:

          actually black men worship them I was monitoring black people twitter and both black men and women agree black men worship white women but blame each other for the problem, black men for being misogynistic, and black women for being ugly ass hoes.

          • Anonymous says:

            Black women relate to white men because they both hate black men, its really amazing what you can learn from other people instead of just talking to white incels and trannies who only understand porn.

          • Anonymous says:

            >Black women relate to white men because they both hate black men,
            Lmao, the cope in this statement. As a half black most white dudes are chill, always the weak and skinny white ones that get overly jealous when i walking with a blonde outside or lift heavier weight in the gym.
            Also i almost never experienced a black women hating on me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Divorced brown dude here. Thinking to bite the bullet and date south american or asian girls. Should i bite the bullet? Western girls make my blood boil.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s absolutely insane how this archetype of white man has fallen down the pecking order of attractiveness. A guy that looked like this used to be the undisputed hottest male in the world and now he must settle for a little Asian bug like that my goodness man what a descent

    • Anonymous says:

      OP has had sex. The women he loves loves him back. OP is in shape, is healthy and takes care of himself.

      All things you’ve consistently failed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Carhartt and dickies.Wear neutral-to-dark tones. Normcore, wear pieces that look like they’re genuinely from the 90s (no Y2K shit). Wear a few accessories, a subtle thin chain, a few rings, and a black stone bracelet will do you well.

    Alternatively, you could shop at uniqlo and wear yeezy 350s. Literally no woman like the one in op’s pic cares about what you wear. You could probably get away with wearing a hoodie and shorts on any date. Stay away from women that are astronomically shorter than you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nothing is wrong with dating outside your race. If you and your partner are both conventionally attractive and financially comfortable, then it’s a non-issue for your children. So basically, like every other relationship ever.

    >imb4 muh hecking race betrayal!!

    Go heck your cousin if you’re so concerned about the purity of your DNA.

    Buy shit Uniqlo.

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