27 thoughts on “What are some good brands for sweaters like this?

    • Anonymous says:

      Carhartt, Colorful Standard, Uniqlo U (hit and miss though).
      Paul Smith used to have good ones but they’re not as heavy weight anymore.
      Also look in to blanks manufacturers.

      good shout

    • Anonymous says:

      this. ive had a hanes sweatshirt exactly like this for like 7 years

      I rock hanes crew sweaters too and I love that they’re logo-free and roomy but there’s two problems that make them stand out to me
      >1) they’re almost always polycotton blend instead of 100% which makes it feel cheap
      >2) the fabric, especially around the collar, isn’t as thick so it tends to cave in instead of taking that nice boxy shape you get from a quality sweater

  1. Anonymous says:

    Merz b Schawanen
    Have a basic grey sweatshirt has lasted for years and due to the construction it will not deform at the neck like it has happened to me with ones at a cheaper price point ( 40$).

  2. Anonymous says:

    i don’t know that brand and i can’t determine the quality from the picture, but it looks like Gap tier, so Gap maybe or maybe LL Bean, but nobody in this thread even knows why you like the one in the pic you posted.
    do you just want a black sweater?
    merino, cashmere? cotton?
    if you want a nicer one then go with BB or P RL

    honestly OP, you can probably find something at Target and that’s probably the budget your mom is working with, so just go to Target

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do people here ever try to give helpful advice? This feels like a simple enough question and still they will answer with whatever shit their grandma gave them for christmas without ever asking themselves : "what makes a quality sweatshirt".
    This whole thread is just noise

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