37 thoughts on “What are some brands with this type of aesthetic?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Affliction, Ed hardy, Southpole, Ecko Unlimited to name a few
    Just search up stuff like that on online thrift stores and you’ll get hits with similar results

    • Anonymous says:

      adding mma elite, tapout, sinister

      Aqua VI and Konflic too

      What do you even call this “aesthetic?” I’ve always liked the heraldry inspired designs, but the only way I’ve seen it described is Jesse pinkman core

        • Anonymous says:

          Could also be considered "Mexican duty free shopper" core
          You often see them with extremely gaudy jeans, cheap/strong cologne, fake designer sunglasses+watch, and faux crocodile shoes. Usually accompanied by a wife with lip fillers but too poor to afford plastic surgery so they will have those bodysuit shapers instead.
          You can often tell they are trying really hard to look "connected" but at most they are merely just a middle class American or at worst a drug mule

      • Anonymous says:

        i see jesse pinkman core a lot, and depop sellers tag this stuff as cyber y2k sometimes

        I need an ID on this no cap

        I need this hoodie, how much and where

        mma elite

    • Anonymous says:

      i remember this time period. these guys were always the "rapists" in the nightclub that you knew to avoid. luckily if you were at a reputable club it didnt take long for these heckwads to get thrown out by the bouncers

  2. marea says:

    picrel shirt is from ‘affliction’, was maybe three quid in a charity shop
    other brands to look for eck unltd, southpole, fubu, karl kani, and obviously tap out & ed hardy
    happy to see an emo thread since most of my student loans went to my extensive collection of rhinestoned skull tops

  3. Anonymous says:

    affliction and all of their pseudo brands are hard. i started wearing this shit full time 2 years ago, i’m almost 29 lmao but it goes so hard

  4. marea says:


    exactly. if you have horrifying eyebags and a ghoulish complexion from no sleep and never leaving the house, just throw on a skull beanie and call it an aesthetic

  5. Anonymous says:

    ed hardy, christian audigier, affliction, tapout, blac label, DILLIGAF (Does It Look Like I Give A heck), xtreme couture, cult of individuality, philipp plein seems to follow the Y2K rhinestone aesthetic but their designs arent so "tattoo" inspired

    for jeans, true religion and rock revival for sure, buckle jeans are good too. if you can find a pair of Y2K era buffalo david bitton jeans they had flamboyant pocket designs

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