21 thoughts on “washing hair is a mistake

      • Anonymous says:

        NTA but I also haven’t used shampoo in years and no, I don’t.

        The most I’d go is a week and a half. Can you elaborate on what it’s like 2 years in?

        Feels good man. Hair feels silkier and less frizzy than using shampoo, but less artificially than using conditioner.

      • Anonymous says:

        no soap cultists never believe they smell bad. theyre likely just used to their stench. like how a cab driver always smells like BO.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is true, and is also why combing is important. It evenly distributes the oils across the full length of the hair shaft, where otherwise it would be oversaturated at the base of the shaft and on the scalp, in which case you’re just asking for seborrheic dermatitis and other scalp conditions.

      Combing also stimulates the scalp and feels really good. Whether or not you style your hair with a comb is up to you, but it’s something that anyone who cares about grooming and scalp/hair health should do at least a few times a week.

      Absolutely false. If this was the case, everybody who lived prior to the 20th century would have been bald by age 30.

      washing your hair a couple times a week with soft silicone-free shampoo is the way to go

      OTC Nizoral once a week is all you’ll ever need.

    • future wife says:

      hair is SUPPOSED to shed. it’s good and nessessary. hair loss is different entirely and caused by different things.
      excessive oil buildup can cause an overgrowth of the oil eating fungi on your head, which can cause inflammation, which can cause folicule scarring, which can cause hair loss, but you’d notice an itchy scalp before it gets that far and remove excess oil by shampooing (you know, what it’s mafe for).
      also pollutants and other grime and buildup can accumulate in the hair and damage it long term so you better thoughouly rinse with warm water every so often.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why did npcs get reprogrammed to be into le ‘no poo’ bullshit? No poo is literally an embarrassing reddit trend for neo hippies and stupids

  2. Anonymous says:

    i look hecking kino in summer/holidays after being in the sea and not washing my hair much

    then the opposite of that if i do a full wash water+shampoo+conditioner+dry+ hair product then my hair looks like shit

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hair and scalp oils are drenched in DHT, take showers everyday if you’re in danger of high DHT sensitivity or you’re gonna lose your hecking hair and be forced to take feminizing hormone inhibitors like finasteride.

  4. Anonymous says:

    you guys should learn that there is a difference in washing the scalp (shampoo) and washing your hair (conditioner)
    women have literally figured out hair science decades ago

  5. Anonymous says:

    I noticed when I didn’t shampoo for a couple days my hair became sleeker and more cooperative. but since I use product it would start to build up and I would be forced to wash it out.
    anyways I took the buzzpill last months so now I’m addressing my shitty dry scalp with a ton of gross buildup. no idea if it’s seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff or psoriasis or something else, but Nizoral is the only thing that keeps it in check.

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