was 9/11 a mass ritual event? Was it satanic in origin?

was 9/11 a mass ritual event? Was it satanic in origin?

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    Remember that it's all in your head.

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    2 pillars dissolve one world resolves

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    yes and yes

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    Obvious kabbalah ritual
    North tower with a big antenna (masculine) and the south tower (feminine) got dustified and then they build the fusion of the ONE world trade center

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      Yep. Union of masculine and feminine in a baphomet archetype which is the One World Trade Center, same aim as transgenders breaking down the meaning of biological sex

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      is /misc/ harboring their own tribe of schizo posters?

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    Are ya tired of winning yet?


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    9/11 happened because 3 trillion US dollars disappeared from banks which was being monitored by the world trade centre, and world trade centre 7 which housed the evidence was detonated and destroyed along with all the files relating to the investigation.

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      Was the trillion dollars linked to anything specific that can be looked up or was it just lying on the street?

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        It was money which was directed into liquidating companies in bankruptcy which were set up to traffic cocaine on the global market and to launder money for the wealthiest people in America, then it was transfered into offshore accounts and companies which on paper have billions in assets and are considered "trusts", which are used by the wealthy to not declare their income and taxes.

        Basically it was money printed by the federal reserves to bail out fake companies in order to keep the rich, rich.

        These companies declare bankruptcy, but the money is used for personal purposes, and the companies don't technically exist.

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    Stop playing with your pet goats.



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    We are all made equally low under the infinitude of ALMIGHTY GOD.

    Yea, from the smallest organisms to the mightiest of angels.

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    Hearken, Satan!
    You dragon; you fly.

    Come ye hither! Let's prance and die;
    While I pick this lute and strum this lyre;
    Ye viper; let's sing and dance about desire.

    I've been told that you are sin and death.
    Yet when I look at you I taste my own breath.

    I see a lion strutting around, prideful of his mane and of his crown.
    I was told never to dance, not with you, but I had to see if it was true.

    Who are you really?
    Who be ye?
    To tango with the devil is to play with what's free.

    What is free?

    Surely me!
    But why is that?
    'Cause I'm free-flying gnat!

    Do what thou wilt; whatsoever I desire!

    Buzzing about; way up high,
    above the ants and the sky.

    I love flying around by the way of chance!
    I'll lift myself up by the seat of my pants!

    I am my own, so I must go higher, Higher!

    Oh, but what's that there?
    A raging inferno,
    above the air.

    Well now, isn't that pretty,
    I shall have it as my city.

    Flying closer and nearer to the sun, I sure hope he doesn't ruin my fun!
    But wait, how could I continue to fly, if that fire consumes my eye?

    Though what of my prize?
    I'll just adorn a disguise!

    Darkness and light are the same!
    Without my darkness, that light can't be!

    For, if I have freedom, am I not equal with thee?
    This is the way! I will create My Own truths this day!

    Oh, how I long for that light and wealth.
    So much that I only desire myself.

    Yes, now I do see;

    I seek
    not you
    but ME!


    Blackened hole; pit of despair; now I can see you, you prince of air.
    Prince of nothing, prince of lies, prince of detritus and of f lies.


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    Fear of GOD is the beginning of wisdom.

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    You who call yourself a israelite,
    Turn your ear and hear anew!

    You made it a Book of Abraham;
    But, is it not of I AM THAT I AM?

    For a line you look;
    you track and trace,
    instead of seeking out HIS FACE!

    Oh, you lost! You house of sheep!
    Hear ye not The Shepherd's Bleat?

    Search The Texts to find HIS YHVH
    for if you don't you hold the blame.

    THE KING has come!

    Who do you choose to serve this day?


    You speak your prayer to rock and fodder.
    The stones have now become your father.

    Do you trust your words and war will
    move those blocks which you adore?

    Oh, if Elijah saw you now,
    He'd laugh; cry; disavow.


    Hear ye; Ye hypocrites!

    Stop your crying!
    Stop your fits!

    Your wayward way is to:
    The Pit.

    That western wall,
    The one you kiss;

    That place you mourn, grovel, and hiss;
    Is that your GOD, or is I AM THAT I AM?

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      Shut up you copy cat prick.

      We live in a time loop which traps idiots in a never ending existence of rising and falling because you're being harvested every time you do.

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    Masonic sacrifice. Boaz and Jachin the twin pillars of Solomon’s Temple

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      Nice reach, but you forgot the logic.

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    yep https://youtu.be/zT9lhSuWFfk

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    >I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.
    Revelation 22:13


    >Thus saith the Lord the King of Israel, and his redeemer the Lord of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God.
    Isaiah 44:6


    >And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last:
    >I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.
    Revelation 1:17-18

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    A mass ritual event undertaken by Muslim extremists? The problem with that is there’s a low chance that they were initiated into satanic doctrines or even knew what the concept of a mass ritual is. Unless you think the individuals in the plane were contracted by a third party who set the plans for them? But that would go against the idea of jihad which is supposed to be an act for God.

    Ideas like this just fold when you think about them a little bit. Common sense says I t was just jihad

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    I think they did it as an excuse to start shit with other countries saying they had weapons of mass destruction but didnt. They had wanted oil, and to sustain the economy they relied too much on the petrol dollar. Ground Zero had portraits of eyes like it was trying to hide in plain sight, so yeah, you could say it was. We already know the planes were faked and they detonated it on purpose. It was a mass shift in consciousness to blind everyone with flighty nationalism so the banks could do whatever they wanted

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    It always has been this way. The Earth is a blood altar. We're here to die.

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