28 thoughts on “Unnatural colored dyed hair

  1. Anonymous says:

    Her hair is stylist because she’s beautiful. The color is also vibrant, shiny and deep.

    If she was a fat chick with dull pink hair, and don’t forget, ugly like a cow; that wouldn’t be stylish.

    Now, it’s important to remind you and everyone who reads this that most of you are assholes who only make bait posts and nothing else. Terribly annoying.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How is this even a question? It’s always been cringe, even when punks were doing it in the 80s. Nowadays it’s a guaranteed signifier of who you vote for. Even aside from politics, it looks like absolute shit because it’s relying on neon colors for the sake of just sticking out. No actual coordination involved 99% of the time people dye their hair

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have an incredible attraction to anyone with blue hair. No idea why but young, old, thin, fat, left, right, blue hair and I’ll heck.

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