Posted on: May 13, 2004 Posted by: LULZ Comments: 1

Choosing a name for your business definitely ranks up there in decisions you’ll want a second, maybe even third and fourth opinion on. Here’s a top 10 of all time classics in naming fails that have gone decidedly sexual. And yes, they are/were all real sites. (LA Drape) (Mole Station Native Nursery) (Speed Of Art) (Les Bocages) (Who Represents) (Master Bait Online) (Pen Island) (Power Gen Italia) (Analisa Joy)

This one’s unfair — it’s her legal name — but we’re going by how people read the domain name itself. (Dickson Web) (Experts Exchange) (Kids Exchange) (Web ONE) (Cumbria Storage)

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Anonymous is a rape joke and that’s never funny