Brittany Venti photographed at a May 1, 2017 protest in New York

Streaming giant Twitch has caused outrage after banning an African-American girl for her Africa-themed cooking show and seeming to accuse her of being a white cultural appropriator. The girl — youtuber Brittany Venti — was then forced into the humiliating position of having to submit an actual DNA analysis to prove her descent, shocking Twitch Support screenshots reveal.

“This is insanity,” Brittany shared on Twitter. “I can’t even talk about my own race on Twitch, I get told I’m not my own race and I can’t have a cooking stream based on REAL African and Haitian food that is WELL known and DOCUMENTED.”

Brittany expressed shock over Twitch assuming her race and belittling her, and she later commented that it doesn’t belong in the year 2018.

Brittany Venti’s 23andMe DNA analysis.

“I got banned for having an African cooking stream today on Twitch because they thought it was offensive. My mom is black, I was raised by her –a black woman. They just assumed my race and banned me. I have DNA testing to prove this,” she added.

Brittany’s tweets about the incident as well as her correspondence with Twitch Support quickly went viral, and many content creators have spoken up in her defense.

Twitch is not new to racial and admin abuse controversies. In a major 2013 flap, Twitch banned “vast amounts” of streamers for speaking out against Horror, a furry lead Twitch administrator who abused his powers to “make his boyfriend’s ‘fursona’ into a global Twitch emote” as well as banning anyone he personally didn’t like.

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