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The scene. Two top ranked, undefeated college football teams going head to head in Alabama. Estimates of 150,000 people showed up to campus, in Tuscaloosa Saturday. President Trump himself attended the game, receiving a public announcement and standing ovation from fans.

Across town, far from the football game and any sense of pride or victory, a group of pathetic thumb sucking losers set up an anti-Trump balloon in a public park.

Why do haters always look like this?

Nic Gulas, another weird and twisted loser organized a gofundme campaign to bring the balloon to Tuscaloosa. The cost of the balloon was $4,000. Maybe the pathetic titty-baby thinks showing his hater self in public with a balloon will attract hater women. Wrong. They already know he’s broke. Can’t even afford a balloon on his own.


While the pathetic snivelers missed the game so they could stand across town next to a cartoon balloon, one man, one hero appeared.

Once the hero, whose name is Hoyt Hutchison appeared. There was less of a balloon and more of a plastic pancake.

“I’d do it again” -Hoyt Huchinson

Another gofundme appeared for Huchinson’s bail. In typical fashion, the fund to bail him out raised double the original fund for the balloon in about 4 hours. Balloon destroyed. Bail paid. Haters in tears. Not all heroes wear capes.

My ancestors are smiling at me Imperial can you say the same?

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