TRENDS: Carhartt is the new luxury

>This is the year of luxury workwear. Not that fashion houses ever needed a proper invitation to do some blue collar appropriation but come 2024, they really developed a fixation for the workin’ person’s wardrobe.

>First, they came for Timbs and, now, Detroit workwear establishment Carhartt.

>The difference is that whereas some fashion labels actually collaborated with Timberland to create their own 6" boots, other designers simply borrowed Carhartt’s signature shapes.

You people should thank me for putting you onto the new trends.

Now you don’t have to unironically larp as some movie or anime character.

48 thoughts on “TRENDS: Carhartt is the new luxury

  1. Anonymous says:

    wearing carhartt was never really cool to me, makes you look like a slave of the minimum wage hell that is factory jobs
    being from detroit, henry ford sold out the human race with gas cars and couldnt even clean up the city that made their name, i will not wear such a subhuman look.

    • Anonymous says:

      Everything you said the white collar worked doesn’t understand, and they just want to look masculine and larp as a poor pleb.

    • Anonymous says:

      Henry Ford is the reason USA had the richest working class in the history of the world. His idea to pay factory workers enough money to buy a brand new car was revolutionary.
      >henry ford sold out the human race with gas cars
      If you’re talking about vs electric cars then you are severely undereducated. Gas cars are better in every way and better for the environment. If you are referring to walkable cities, that is a failure of government policy makers. Wasn’t Henry Ford’s role to decide what type of infrastructure was built.
      >couldnt even clean up the city
      This is what happened to American cities:


  2. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t read what you wrote there but I want to do a bit of a blog post. So recently my dad came over from a foreign country and I told him to get some soap from this very specific shop in this foreign country and he got the soap for me and it’s like this pine scented and it smells really good and it’s really good for you. I got it for my shower because I use soap. I don’t really use shampoo when I shower and yeah my dad he’s great he bought the soap for me he bought a bunch it has this very strong smell I like that about it and it’s like very strong it’s good for showering apparently it’s also good against dandruff but I don’t really care about that I’m just glad I got some good soap I love that shit yeah

    • Anonymous says:

      no, workwear has been a thing and carhartt jackets have also been a thing for years now. carhartt has already had its WIP line for a while so this article is just stupid and/or old.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Carhartt is so hecking ugly. I only wore it because it’s hard to find 100% cotton clothes that are thick enough to smolder slag sparks in women’s sizing, and the heckers changed every to polyester and moved out of the USA when it became trendy. I can’t hecking find clothes for work now.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why doesn’t carhartt make new jackets? I really want a dark brown or red one but all I can find is used ones for over 200. I want a brand new one

    • Anonymous says:

      I spend my mornings looking in the mirror as I get my work pants on, thinking about how satisfying it’s gonna be when I get home to take them off from the ribbed textures digging into my skin. Why the heck would anyone want a pillow made of hard, overlayed seams and dry cotton?

  5. Vieo says:

    BIG things are happening for this brand.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Virgil already put out luxury workwear at lv (the suede carpenter pants several times over and work jackets)

    LV brought Pharrell on because he still has some cultural significance to chinks (a huge luxury market right now) and has a ton of famous friends. his collections have no actual message outside of pushing his own mediocre style

  7. Anonymous says:

    Work wear and especially Carhartt comes around as trendy every so many years. I called the work wear revival back in 2021 when I realized how rapidly zoomers were cycling through old trends. This is essentially the zoomer iteration of the millennial lumberjack hipster.

  8. Anonymous says:

    >le thing that isn’t generally considered to b X is le new X!!!!
    is anybody actually into fashion anymore or is everybody just fighting to spew out a string of words so they can predict the next week-long microtrend hot-take?

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