Too scared

Well.. I fell for a guy about a year ago. I loved him and everything was wonderful. Then he dumped me in December and I started to feel things. I was scared...

He always told me he loved me. He was the only guy I have ever loved. We were never dating, I don't know why actually. But however: After he dumped me I was scared of falling in love. Just the word "love" makes me sad.

So every day I became more afraid of everything that had to do with love. Right now, when I'm writing all this, I'm shaking.

I don't want to find love, because I'm too scared. I'm scared of feeling that again.

I was reading about the symptomps of Philophobia, and I could relate to all of them. Being afraid of feeling love is kind of... Dangerous... I don't want to be scared, but I am.

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