54 thoughts on “Tips on looking better?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Facially? Here’s a few easy ones – ditch the glasses, grow out your hair a bit, and grow some thicker eyebrows (i.e. minoxidil).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Grow out hair, probably shave but not the worst facial hair I’ve seen.

    Get more comfortable with yourself and develop a more confident posture.

    That’s honestly all I’d say. And don’t dress like that when out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lift weights (to failure every set)
    Get more stylish glasses and contacts instead of ones like the angry video game nerd. Go to warby parker

  4. Anonymous says:

    this man’s face disturbs me greatly but i can’t put my finger on exactly why; possibly the thin lips. also the scar is kind of badass. i feel like there’s potential here.

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Bad lip area
    >Weak eyebrows
    >Bad fit
    >Android phone
    >Weird skull shape
    It’s over. Blast T, get lasik, learn how to dress and get an iPhone if you ever want to lose your virginity

  6. Anonymous says:

    You need a style and the ability to manifest it. I can’t tell you how to develop this, only you can. Currently you appear a 37 year old man who dresses like a character from a 90s Kevin Smith movie, one who has a blunt affect and a strangely shaped skull.

  7. Anonymous says:

    lose weight, do 6 count burpees for 20 min 4x/wk, switch the graphic T for a black T, maybe a silver chain or two.

    viola, basic edgy zoomer

  8. Anonymous says:

    New Glasses + Gym / Do u play guitar or something you look bandcore play on that if that’s ur identity be a chad cobaine

  9. Anonymous says:

    lift, eat healthy, grow more hair and do something that looks decent with it, get glasses that don’t look terrible, get some clothes other than those from the walmart discount bin, clean your mirror, stop being a single male with a cat, groom your facial hair, get a better phone case, better apartment/house, go outside and get some sun you look like you browse LULZ, practice some facial expressions that are not that one you’re doing, find some hobbies that are interesting / adventurous / active, become a mega billionaire, go to mars, come back from mars and bring us hot martian b***hes

  10. Anonymous says:

    those glasses are very ugly. get something more round with a metal frame.
    also baggy printed tee? what are you, 15?
    the shirt is ok but the pattern on it and colour is pretty lame

  11. Anonymous says:

    You need to workout get buffer and wear slimmer clothes you have a great face and bone shape and look good with very short/no hair , sombody said thicker brows i agree with that

  12. Anonymous says:

    Learn to dress and get different glasses. That’s all you really need. Maybe lose a few pounds. You’re not ugly. Just clueless. Appearances are the least of your worries. Get some self awareness.

    Ignore most of the posts in this thread. The insecurity is palpable. Incels think you have to look and act like a gigachad meme just to lose your virginity. Incels worry about the content of their online dating profiles because they don’t know how to meet women any other way, and don’t realize that nobody (man or woman) on online dating platforms cares about anything other than the pics. Incels are clueless too.

    Every short fat bald guy in my office with a beard and glasses and a Toyota Corolla (there are a heckload of them) is married to a chubby woman and has chubby kids. Ugly people have sex and get married and start families all the time. The only prerequisite is that they have to know how to socialize naturally and not be awkward and make people uncomfortable. This is the hurdle that incels can’t clear.

    Incels have no face to face people skills because they spent their entire adolescence playing video games instead of sports or other social hobbies. Whatever social skills they may have built in childhood have atrophied by the time they are old enough to date and heck. Incels feel qualified to give advice online because they believe that they’re victims and that they are being denied some sort of birthright by all the cruel tormenting women. Women in general ARE stupid, to be sure, but they’re not out of line for not wanting to have sex or spend time with guys who have no life experience by their late 20s and can’t hold a conversation about anything other than League of Legends.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I think you are attractive physically, but yeah you shouldn’t wear stuff like that outside the house. It just looks like something you would sleep in to stay warm if you were homeless on the streets or in a power outage. Literally just wear collared shirts that fit your shape and shade and you would look better. Post a pic of you dressed at your best, unless this is?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Grow hair, then get a haircut that fits your face shape
    Get glasses that fits your face shape
    Shave your cheeks at the very least
    Get a small chain necklace
    The color and the logo of your t-shirt look lame. Change it for something more plain or more striking.
    Keep the flannel, it looks cool.

  15. Anonymous says:

    shitty button up, shitty graphic tee, shitty glasses, shitty haircut. Literally everything is shit except for your face, so no problem, it’s fixable.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think growing out your hair to something you could style would be a good place to start, you actually have good facial hair coverage by the looks of it, just by working out more you’d probably improve your looks easily. the glasses you have on don’t suit you very well, either go with contacts or just get more styling glasses. this advice is somewhat dangerous because with the wrong "round" frames, you will end up looking like a huge gay, I would advise against any glasses that make you look too much like some redditor who works in tech but also too much like some queer who works in a cafe while pursuing an acting career

        • Anonymous says:

          >this advice is somewhat dangerous because with the wrong "round" frames, you will end up looking like a huge gay
          Fine. But what kind of styling glasses should he get? Currently, his glasses make his eyes look tiny as heck and his cheekbones comically huge. He should at least get full-framed.

  16. Anonymous says:

    ditch the glasses and get contacts. they look awful and aren’t helping one bit
    grow your hair long on top
    otherwise not bad

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