5 tips for improving your typing speed & accuracy Expert level typing offers quality of life upgrades through time saving and superior communication.

In the early 1990s, typing was a skill needed only by people whose professional activities involved scientific work, the creation of educational literature, newspapers, or general documentation. In the year 2022, everyone’s life is linked to computers, and inability to work keys adequately can be an actual handicap to daily life.

The importance of high level typing skills

Daily communication with friends on social networks, professional activities, and student life are all linked to typing. By developing these typing skills, you can significantly improve your daily life through increased speed, fewer errors, and conveying higher social status to your peers and professional associates.

People with poor language or typing skills often put off writing emails and proposals that could positively affect their life, while more experienced communicators often don’t take the time to form thoughts correctly and doublecheck the output due to the Dunning-Kruger effect. Both of these errors can be great handicaps in modern people’s personal and professional life.

Would you like to greatly improve your typing skills and acquire more free time for yourself? Perhaps you are starting a career at a newspaper, are a freelancer, or are a professional at one of the top transcription services? Superior typing skills should be one of your main strengths.

Let’s share some tips from professionals and explore how they achieved keyboard mastery.

How to type efficiently: 4 tips for beginners and advanced users

Despite the fact that almost all of us know how to type, we rarely think about whether there is a more productive way to do this process. After all, given the fact that we spend hours at the keyboard every day, it makes sense to wonder if we can do this task faster and better.

First of all, a little cheat. Transcribing software simplifies the processes of working with texts and have come a long way from the early days of Microsoft Sam and yelling simple one word instructions to the customer service AI. When you do not have the time or qualifications to transcribe speech to text yourself, or you just want to increase efficiency in general, transcription software plays an excellent supporting role.

Skills assessment

We suggest you start by taking a typing test that will give you an understanding of your approximate Words per Minute and skill level. There are many of these tests available with a simple search, so find a test that suits you from the many types available: a typing speed test, a text literacy assessment, a keyboarding test, and so on.

My speed typing results.

Once you’ve completed your assessment, you can understand your weaknesses and devote time to overcome them. Some online resources will even offer you certificates after completing the test, which can help you get your foot in the door of certain agencies.

Tutoring lessons from experts in the field

Once you have decided which skills you need to develop or improve, you could consider a tutor. Your tutor can set up an educational plan for you and develop a study experience that works for you.

This method is suitable for students as well as for professionals working with texts in a transcription service team. It is critical to identify and fill knowledge gaps for absolutely all professionals working with typesetting of any kind.

Practice on your own, but now with the proper technique

Most of us know how to type out words, but most of us also ignore the fundamental rules of good typing habits.

Many users are therefore hostage to habits and make the same mistakes. These mistakes are:

  • Tapping with one or two fingers of each hand.
  • All the attention is on the keyboard only. Skilled typists don’t even need to look down because of muscle memory.
  • Ignoring the importance of learning the location of characters on the keyboard — ie. building that muscle memory.

The consequences of these errors are:

  • Significant reduction in typing speed.
  • Spending a lot of time going back and correcting errors made.
  • Stress associated with poor typing accuracy.

Start by following the basic rules of typing. Control the position of your hands and fingers, learn the symbols on the keyboard, and start looking at the screen as you type.

Yes, it will be difficult for those who have formed certain habits over the years, but the end result will bring tangible benefits after just a few weeks of practice. Professionals of voice-to-text services and services closely related to typing strongly recommend taking this path to those who are looking for professional success.

Using professional tools and services for text checking

In case you doubt your typing skills, but you need results, you can always openly use automated transcription software offered by reliable transcription companies. But in a situation where typing is one of the activities that you do every day, you need to develop the accuracy of typing and make sure that these texts have no errors.

There are professional tools that help the author to improve the readability of text, check the text for percentage of water, to make sure there are no grammatical and other errors. Such tools can be both paid and free. Also, the use of a subtitling service is a good option when you need to create a quality text line to the video. Such services are also provided by transcription companies.

What areas of life can be improved by increasing typing productivity?

From our daily routine to our professional activities, we can greatly improve our quality of life, starting with developing the right basic habits and skills. You’ll be surprised at the appearance of extra confidence, free time, and even extra money if you develop typing accuracy and speed. Get to know some areas of life that will bring bonuses if you begin to address this issue.

Save time on informal and business correspondence

As long as your typing speed is above average, the number of grammatical errors is minimal, and you spend minimal time creating messages, emails, and other types of text communication, you can save up to half your total time.

Improve your academic grades as you study

If you are a student, paperwork is mandatory and will accompany you throughout your studies. Once you receive an academic assignment, you sit down to create a text and spend anywhere from a few hours to a few months on the process, depending on the complexity of the paper. We’re willing to bet that you’d like to spend minimal time on typing and subsequent revisions.

By improving your typing skills using one of the methods described above, you guarantee yourself a reduction in the hours you spend at the keyboard. Also, error-free typing impacts the grade your instructor gives you after you’ve checked your homework.

Monetize your skills and become competitive

Once you learn how to type quickly and error-free, this skill is quite possible to monetize. Of course, this will not be the only thing you need to have. But this skill will still be the key to success. If you are a freelancer, translator, article writer or transcriber, a high level of accuracy and speed of typing will bring you more orders from satisfied clients and increase your bosses’ confidence in your skills.

High-level basic life skills improve quality of life

Aircraft pilots and special response personnel know their operating procedures at a high level. By shaping the sequence of reactions and actions in a particular situation, they reduce response time and achieve the desired goal. All professionals should strive to develop our habits and skills in this way.

Typing skills are among the skills each of us needs to develop. Using devices and keyboards as part of them every day, we sometimes don’t think about their role. Reduced time at the computer, better grades, and the opportunity for professional growth are the benefits that a high level of knowledge and understanding of the process brings with it.

Take advantage of professional tips and special assistive services when you need support in creating texts, transcriptions, or help to understand the basics of typing. See how it works in your own experience, and you’ll want to share your progress with others.

And always remember, success can be achieved by consistently doing small steps at a time. The stories of the difficult journeys of great people often began with difficulties that were overcome step by step. Best of luck!

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