Time to be honest

The advice on /fa is hot garbage and set me back years. Like many others here, I’ve wasted so much time on here listening to this board terrible fashion advice.

I’ve been following some real style accounts on social media and have improved my style in just a few months. This has led to more success with girls and at work.

Please abandon this board once and for all if you are looking to improve, this place will waste your time. Thanks.

38 thoughts on “Time to be honest

    • Anonymous says:

      link to precise "real style accounts" you mean

      most of it is basic "iron your clothes xD"-tier advice

      heck off assholes, this board doesn’t deserve good fashion links.

      Go back to posting about your cool under armor shoes you wear with baggy jeans

  1. Anonymous says:

    YEARS ago I used the sticky to get some basic advice and it actually really helped me. I was wearing graphic tees and skateboard shoes before but now I dress completely different, had sex, got gfs, etc.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ll keep wearing white canvas sneakers btw all of the shoes on the right except the gats are awful I hate ugly ass brown leather “dress” sneakers almost as much as I hate sickos. Peace

  3. Anonymous says:

    those reddit brown leather or navy+brown canvas sneakers with white outsole give me ingame cancer just wear hecking casual oxford or boots jesus heck
    gats are ok doe

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fashion =/= looksmaxxing, stupid

    Have fun being petit bourgeois normie #57383 in your OCBD + chinos, "stylish man". I’m sure you’ll really stand out from the other guys on Hinge

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is probably the worst place on the internet for actual fashion advice.
    It is fun for dumb shit or for the occasional fun style concept. Motocore is a recent favorite.

    • Anonymous says:

      Right, so many fail to understand the true nature of this place. This is a containment board within a containment website.

  6. Anonymous says:

    When I was much more interested in fashion I browsed this board often, however it was because I was interested in fashion is the main thing. If you’re getting into fashion for other people, i.e. for women, for social reasons, for work, then this is not where you go. If I go true black pilled here, if you want to have more success using fashion as a means to an end as you seemed to have done, then you should actually be severely limiting yourself on purpose.
    Women don’t care for a man who’s fashionable, nor does the professional world, nor do any people you’ll interact with. For women, put on a white t shirt with jeans, or a hoodie with some gym shorts, and you’ve officially peaked in terms of fashion in the eyes of 99% of women. Professionally, just dress the part, or better yet dress like the people you want to impress.

    This board is generally for people who are interested in fashion.

    • Anonymous says:

      >Women don’t care for a man who’s fashionable, nor does the professional world, nor do any people you’ll interact with.
      That’s not true anon, respectfully. Dress like shit and you’ll women will avoid you, job interviews will be harder, etc.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It really is true. all i did was lift and cut until i was lean + muscular, and then anything i wore basically looked great. i remember when i was at peak physical condition all i did was wear american eagle button downs, either short or long sleeve, and some fitted jeans, and i’d walk into work and have people ask me why i’m so dressed up.

    all it took was lifting and dressing a bit more fitted and i had all the sex and attention i could ever have wanted. it really made me understand why bullies do what they do.

  8. Anonymous says:

    So you decided to tell everyone here that they suck but not explain why and also not provide alternatives.
    >I explained
    No you didn’t. Didn’t say why the advice from fa is garbage, didn’t mention the social media accounts.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Im not here to defend /fashion/, I agree that you can find better guidance elsewhere, but at the same time, your pic related is garbage.
    Those half sneakers half shoe/boots are terrible. Wear one or the other, pieces of clothing that try to be some kind of amphibian are the worst.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Tbh, fashion should look relevant and socially appropriate.

    It’s why most people end up dressing with elements from their work lifestyle as they get older. It’s goofy af to be wearing suits randomly on your days off when you are a car washer.

    And the reason why fashion in older pics look good is because it WAS cultural norm of the time. It WAS the mainstream wear that the malls pushed out. But people are trying too hard to wear shit that’s stupid looking in a normal context (see tehcwear goof ninja type stuff)

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