24 thoughts on “Tight fitting shirts

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah well I want this tight feel on my tiny frame. I don’t want to build muscles.

      >I’m not a “fag”
      This level of delusion

      I said such an UTTER gay YET.
      I am well aware I am somewhere on the rainbow flag anon.

    • Anonymous says:

      the solution to this is to just buy womens tshirts. they have a different cut and will fit how you want them too if you size them right

      modern cut shirts for men have sleeves that end halfway or even all the way down to your elbow. they also for some hecking reason run like 5+ inches past your waist. unless you’re built like a salamander no shirt with a modern cut will fit you like this, no matter how jacked you are

  1. Anonymous says:

    Heading into fall and winter in the northern hemisphere. Might want to consider similar shirts but with longer sleeves.

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