23 thoughts on “Thoughts on shaving your entire body?

    • Anonymous says:

      pretty much. I’ve always been slim, and very hairy. been self conscious about it all my life. Started doing pull up’s and working out every day, eventually tried shaving to see my abs better. I’ve been hooked since, especially no longer feeling ugly in my body.
      This has coincided with me wearing thongs and accepting bisexuality as well. I have muscles, but it feels like I’m twinkmaxxing.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t lift. I do a 5 day rotarion pull up’s, kettle bell goblet squats, push up’s, medicine ball work, bulgarian squats and calisthenics. Goals are abs, shoulders, and a nicer, rounder firmer butt. Cardio as well. I haven’t hecked any dudes, and I think traditional twinks are gays. But I can’t dent the shaving and moisturizing, combined with my low BMI makes me a twink regardless.

          I shave chest, shoulders, tummy, butt and bikini. would any anon recommend waxing chest? laser has always frightened me.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Muscles show off better when you shave, women also orefer a clean body man. Start shaving was one of the best things I did

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m a swimmer and a twink who lasered my pubes and armpits (but still have hair on arms/legs, I don’t have chest/back hair) ask me anything

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes you just pay a bit extra for it when doing your pubes and they do the behind. Cheaper than buying it separately.

      >lasered my pubes and armpits
      Based. Professionally done or cheap Amazon at-home?

      I’ve stopped shaving pubes and pits… Got an epilator. Plucking pits work great, but still getting ingrowns on the pubes.

      Professionally done. I’m not using a amazon bought gadget on my privates.

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