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      • Anonymous says:

        drop the hat, its ugly. the bag is terrible. perfume is over used. h&m jackets are trash. shoes, pants and sweater is nice.

        try to look for some quality pieces or go to an vintage shop

        • Anonymous says:

          >drop the hat, its ugly
          Would a baseball cap without logos be better? I have hairstyle that need hairspray or hat
          >the bag is terrible
          Why so? I have backpack now but I think it’s too big for me, so I wanted to buy sling bag or shoulder bag
          >h&m jackets are trash
          What’s wrong with them? 2 from the image are 100% cotton, the brown one is polyester
          >try to look for some quality pieces
          I don’t know where, h&m and reserved is popular in my country and easily accessible

  1. Anonymous says:

    get a nondescript uncuffed beanie and skip out on the h&m if you can. skip out on red/brown to get something more interesting.

    you have a very inoffensive but efficient uni fit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    1. lose the Doug Walker hat
    2. get derbies made out of real leather and not shiny garbage
    3. pick jackets that aren’t full zip
    4. lose the brown jacket with black pants
    5. Either go all black at this point or find some colors that contrast better

  3. Anonymous says:


    because that big shiny zipper looks bad
    >Bright colors don’t fit me and I wouldn’t feel comfortable with them
    grow up

  4. Anonymous says:


    >This hat is not associated with commies in Europe, amerimutt
    Where they basically invented socialism and homosexuality. Good one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pathetic look imho. Also get some real clothes instead of that HM crap
    These shoes are ass, this cap is unbearable. The zipped sweater as well.
    >b-but I’m poor
    Then save up or thrift. Or have a nice day

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