32 thoughts on “Thoughts?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Honestly I never liked the fake metallic coating, especially how it doesn’t match the band.
    I liked the Armitron Rubik as a cheap full metal alternative but it seems like it’s discontinued now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whats wrong billy boomer? Nobody buying your overpriced "swiss" watches?
      Sucks to be you mr conman.

      Last time I checked this goes on your wrist and tells time. I’m pretty sure this is a real watch.

      100% Correct. I’m literally qualified as a watch repairer. Don’t listen to these 3rd world shills, bots and idiot boomers that still think its 1992 and some cookie cutter Rolex or Omega is a "major investment that only goes up".
      These are the kind of idiots that think their new car only looses "say 10% in like 5 years time".
      Idiots the lot of them, I’m glad the swiss take these stupids money tbh.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly, everyone looks at me like I’m crazy whenever I say this. Gold doesn’t look good on its own, it looks good because it’s supposed to be gold. You’re saying that you’re wearing a substantial amount of money on your wrist, and even then it sometimes looks pretentious and/or classless.

        • Sieg Heil says:

          my daily driver in college was a dark green honda accord with 1996 type-r wheels on it. swapped in a leather interior, tinted it out, had a carbon iber hood and various little spoon and mugen things, shift knobs strut bar etc

          was a cool little car.

          was going to throw in an h22 but never got around to it

          • Anonymous says:

            i still drive a shitty 2008 chevy equinox that my parents got for me really cheap back in like 2017 to start driving once they weren’t using it anymore

            it’s starting to have problems including having to replace the abs brakes and a bunch of other shit after getting rear-ended so i’m thinking about getting a miata

  2. Anonymous says:

    has anyone replaced the wristband on a classic casio like this with a nylon strap? Boy am I having trouble with it…

  3. Anonymous says:

    i can’t look at it or else i’m going to buy it and another animal print shirt god help me i’m looking at leather pants

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