30 thoughts on “They had us in a chokehold

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Damn my sister is a disgusting hecking moron loving whore and I just want to do cocaine while playing videogames and having sex with her whore friends because my family are a bunch of gypsies that should have been genocided yet our father defended OJ so I’m stuck being dragged to shitty red carpet events

    Wish these gypsies weren’t pushed so hard. That episode of American Crime where they have OJ about to blow his brains out is funny as heck because Robert supposedly said don’t blow your brains all over poor Kimmy’s room when she blew a bunch of Black folk brains out in there already. Gypsies sell their children. Ignore all gypsies, kill all gypsies, stomp a pregnant gypsies stomach, run gypsies over with your car, shoot gypsies as they illegally migrate, and delete gypsy threads.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Damn i always get kinda bummed out whenever i see rob. he was actually a decent looking dude when he was that young and probably could’ve gotten some prime hollywood pussy but ended up getting fat and getting with a blown out fat black gold digger instead and is stuck paying child support to her for his biracial kid for years

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