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    • Anonymous says:

      >nooo you can’t wear a different lenght than I do! cropped pants are stupid! cuffing is stupid! only pants that graze your shoes are okay!

      • Anonymous says:

        >nooo you can’t wear a different lenght than I do!
        >cropped pants are stupid!
        >cuffing is stupid!
        >only pants that graze your shoes are okay!
        Doing things differently just means you’re doing it wrong.

      • Anonymous says:

        pants cut like that have never been in fashion because they look terrible, pants that short are 2012-slim-fit tier but don’t even show how lean and/or muscular you are
        wide pants are in fashion now, but the ones in fashion are the proper length, not 10cm shorter
        cuffing makes sense if you live in a time and place where they make pants of different sizes in only one length, that way you can adapt them to the length of your legs, not go from barely long enough to 10cm too short

  1. Anonymous says:

    i have literally thes eones and the materials are good, had them for like two years now and i love them, just bite the polyester bullet

  2. Anonymous says:

    You have to understand what you want are not just pleated wool trousers, the crucial detail is that they are high rise and worn at the natural waist, not the hips. Unfortunately high rise pants have not been popular with men for over half a century.
    I have a few pairs from comme des garcons and a japanese designer brand but designer brands might be iffy since a lot of their stock is seasonal.
    There is low demand and low supply for this style of pant. Repros of trousers pre WWII fill the niche but often some details are wrong. Scavini and Kit Blake are european brands that offer RTW high rise trousers but I think they are online only. You can also get a tailor to make them for you, or look for a MTM brand that offers a high rise customization for their trousers.
    I have no idea how you’re going to try one on before you buy, unless your city is big enough to have a number of designer boutiques that happen to carry what you’re looking for this season. Or maybe Uniqlo U if you’re lucky

    • Anonymous says:

      Scavini and KB both have physical stores, respectively in Paris (just next to the Invalides which is baller as the youth says) and London. Scavini isn’t a waist high rise, at least for me, and has quite a slim leg too (sub 20cm bottom leg).

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s between 120€ for coton chinos to 300+ for pleated, exotic wool mélanges. Worth it ? If you’re cheap, shop the archive sale or Vulpilist and other second hand marketplaces.

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