24 thoughts on “The Wolf Cut

    • Anonymous says:

      never bc it’s the best cut to have if you are naturlly wavy/curly

      that looks more like a long shag cut but still cute imo

    • Anonymous says:

      Idk I’ve had it since years. I’ve also seen it done really well on African-American women.
      I love it, very low maintenance with my straight hair. When I do make-up I just do some concealer, very minimal eyeliner, some mascara, that’s it. Lipstick. With just that it doesn’t look weird. But I can already see fellow white women butcher the look with too much eye make-up.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Would someone with fine wavy hair be able to pull off a short wolf cut like this? I’ve always had hair around collarbone length but I’m thinking something shorter might give me more volume?

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