The Great Change

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” — Emma Lazarus

The human memory is partial to recalling events by their sights, sounds and smells. Being somewhat musically inclined myself I shall always remember & associate the Great Change with the rapturous tribal drumming emanating from the tent of a Ugandan man I met in the Calais Jungle.

It was February. Cold and damp. A light rain falls. The murky clouds gathering above us, making this early afternoon seem as an evening already shrouded in dusk. My good friend, David Goldberg and I were making a pilgrimage to the Calais Jungle camp to do what little we could to help these brave pioneers of cultural renewal.

calais jungle camp

Entering the camp in our 4×4, hoping to pass out what few items of clothing and food we were able to gather we found horror, true horror. What wretched stench of human misery was this? The ground strewn with rubbish, makeshift tents, a muddy sludge as deep as your ankles, the smell of decay.

The sound of The Great Change

It was then that we heard it. Low and deep, somewhere in the distance. Instantly we felt almost magnetically drawn to it. Moving through the crowds we got closer. The rhythmic bass sound calling us like a siren song.

My friend David Goldberg commented:

“The ecstasy and power of the drumming was enough to overwhelm, this is it, this is what we’ve long worked so hard for, this is Europe now.”

The light rain had become a downpour, the sky had darkened. The drums grew louder. Turning the corner now we see it, a large tent covered in blue tarpaulin. Outside two dozen African men. The drums now accompanied by chants, singing, wailing. The drums were building to something, louder and louder. “DUN DUN DUN, DUN DUN DUN”, you could feel the reverberations in your chest. The men danced. The rain lashed down with apocalyptic fury. One man ripped his soaked t-shirt from his back, tearing the fabric like tissue paper and falling to his knees, arms outstretched towards the sky, in an almost religious rapture.

David drew close to me, shouting in my ear “Absolutely inspiring, amazing, what a stunning display of humanity and hope”.

The drums grew faster now, as did the dancing and wailing. Powerful. Building, building, building, the tempo growing quicker and quicker until the final crescendo and an abrupt end. That end met with all 25 of the men beating their chests and howling with joy.

Europe must not slam shut its borders

They idolise General Pinochet and claim to be training as helicopter pilots in anticipation of giving their political opponents “Free helicopter rides”.
They idolise General Pinochet and claim to be training as helicopter pilots in anticipation of giving their political opponents “Free helicopter rides”.

These African men weren’t quite living their European dream, but they were close. Dover and the promise of a better life in Britain was just 25 miles away. These men had fled poverty in Uganda, Eritrea, Kenya and beyond, what kind of cold soul or dark heart would turn them away now, when they’re so close?


The far-right is rising across Europe, energised by new and particularly pernicious brands of populism and nativism. “Our land!”, “Our country!” they howl. The “Altright” and their militarised arm who dub themselves “Frog Squad”. Using their meme terrorism they take over huge swathes of the internet spreading their racist propaganda. Calling for armed revolt. Training camps for their militias are active in almost every European country. Frog Squad are ready to move at a moments notice.

The Change

Europe is in the throes of a monumental change. The biggest in European history. Europe is now going into a multicultural mode: The Great Change.

Those on the extreme far-right are not brave enough to make this transition, they believe that Europe is something wholly owned by people of European descent, they jeer and cry of demographic replacement. But is this replacement of the old not necessary for Europe to be reborn anew?

A rebirthing of culture, a hypodermic needle of vibrancy injecting and energising the old with the new!

Changing Them

Blending, mixing, ultimately changing! In our great quest to end hatred and racialism we’ve found the most potent weapon of all: Love. Imagine, if you will, a European woman. Perhaps she hasn’t been properly educated about racism or she wants to resist The Great Change by perpetuating White Supremacy and birthing more white children. Would her mind not be cleansed of hatred forever if she were persuaded to date an African man and have mixed race children?

We have to recognise that we must change and therefor, we shall change, ending White Supremacy forever.

The Hate Science of Racism

The hate mongers on the altright are using science in a very, very dangerous way. They contend, with the use of studies and sources, that different populations around the world have fundamentally different characteristics and abilities! This is the very definition of racism itself! They believe that because those people from sub-Saharan Africa have an average IQ of 65 that they can’t fit into European society, or that they’ll be prone to criminality. Shocking claims indeed.

global national average iq

They also claim that a child born of mixed heritage, to parents of European and African ancestry, will have a lower IQ than their European parent. The theory being that the child will be an average of the two parents IQ values. But is this not the very definition of ending White Supremacy?

Even if their race theory does hold true, does it not stand to reason and common decency that we should all mix to become more equal and remove, if it exists, some innate biological advantage of intellect that Europeans have? This is The Great Change. Studies have shown that people of slightly lower IQ than the European average(103), of the 80–85 IQ range, are happier anyway. Wouldn’t this future be far more vibrant and happy? A future with no racial hatred, just happy people, brown and content, meekly living out their lives, the spectre of White Supremacy, vanquished from history forever.

The Objectors

There are hard and soft objectors to The Great Change. The conservative right are soft objectors, they object in principle only, but thanks to the many hate speech laws that protect people from hearing hateful rhetoric they can’t object in word or practice. This altright group is more dangerous though, they’re fully willing to say things that would be illegal and many European countries. They are hard objectors.

The altright object on the principle of nativism, they believe populations have a claim to land that the forbearers developed. Of course this is a ridiculous notion. In the new, globalised world populations are on the move. Borders are a thing of the past.

Other objections are levied on basis of the theory of a culture clash, the idea that certain people entering Europe will have incompatible belief systems that will make integration impossible. These people are normally Islamophobes who believe that Islam has some role in terrorism. And to these people it doesn’t matter how many times we tell them that Islam is a religion of peace, they keep spewing their hateful bile after every act of violence perpetrated by anyone with an Arabic sounding name. 99% of terror attacks in Europe are not carried out by Muslims (or rather people claiming to be Muslims, real Muslims would never commit violence).

Together we can overcome these petty nationalists, these populist wailers, these nativist bigots. Together we can make The Great Change a reality. Together we can end White Supremacy forever.

Pro Israel, fighting antisemitism daily, enemy of the right wing. The world’s foremost expert on what is and isn’t antisemitism. בתחבולות תעשה לך מלחמה

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