The Gray Man – Functional, Wise, Effay, Cringe?

So… I‘ve found I feel extremely comfortable walking around my city dressed as a “Gray Man“. I‘ve been doing this for a while, trying to blend in and go unnoticed, even before I knew the terminology around it.
Having found out it’s actually a tactical concept for “urban survivalists“. Now I‘ve been reading up on it and watching YouTube videos, and it all strikes me as extremely embarrassing. So what is it?

36 thoughts on “The Gray Man – Functional, Wise, Effay, Cringe?

    • Anonymous says:

      >Now I‘ve been reading up on it and watching YouTube videos, and it all strikes me as extremely embarrassing.
      That’s because it is. Nature is healing.
      I used to try to blend in as much as possible and /fashion/ has helped me dress more expressively. Has been nothing but a positive journey for me.


  1. Anonymous says:

    The actual meaning is when you dress and comport yourself in a forgettable away, you dont trigger anyone with any strong impressions. Somehow this has turned into "tactical techwear" which is like a low IQ version of the concept

  2. Anonymous says:

    >it says greyman….
    >so I have to wear all grey!!!!
    I hecking hate the ‘gun community’. Bunch of larping freaks and high school washouts who got their CIB by getting potshots taken at them by an afghani with an 1800s rifle.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know why grey man is such a big concept. In 99% of cases, just wear dark sneakers, some jeans, and a dark T-shirt/polo and boom, you look completely unremarkable.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because Gray Man is an overall character concept. Clothes are a part of that, but it also includes bug out gear for surviving in the city, as well as essential skills that help you not get mugged by marginalized ethnicities (or so prepper YouTubers claim)

        • Anonymous says:

          Imagine shit hits the fan while you’re on the other side of the city and you need to get home. Earthquake, BLM rally that stalls public transit for the day and turns into riots.

        • Anonymous says:

          i can literally turn any ordinary street object into a deadly weapon to defend myself
          i also literally wear a personal protection toupee
          fashion isnt enough anymore

          • Anonymous says:

            it’s literally a kevlar bulletproof mesh that has hair attached to it
            it’s illegal to wear bulletproof stuff in public thus the hidden aspect
            why? because the government must be able to kill you at all times and you literally have no right to defend yourself
            fashion saves lives if you know what youre doing
            first they came for our guns then our women & children
            i will wear fashion that is lethal
            i will die fighting in a fire fit looking good and destroying groomers
            good day sir

          • Anonymous says:

            >it’s illegal to wear bulletproof stuff in public
            In what kind of Willy Wonka country is that the case? The only reason why it would be illegal to wear protective equipment is that the people who run the place don’t want you to be protected.

          • Anonymous says:

            i know this is a stupid larp but wearing kevlar on your head would still get you killed if you were shot in the kevlar
            google back face deformation

        • Anonymous says:

          For an emergencies, traffic accidents, natural catastrophy or similar: EDC things like flashlight, Leatherman tool, glass breaker or a knife with one. Things you can keep in a bag; basic first aid stuff, dust mask, gloves, ‘medical’ shears. If you can carry a gun that’d be great too.

      • Anonymous says:

        Blending in inside a city is stupid easy
        >Dress plain colours
        >Wear minimal accessories
        >School your body language to make sure you look like you belong there
        >Don’t look nervous, unsure or anything that makes you look like an easy mark
        >Carry minimal items
        >Don’t loiter like a moron
        >Don’t be in stupid places at stupid hours
        >Mind your own business
        The only people who can’t into urban camouflage are autists, Black folk/wiggers and attrntionwhores

  4. Anonymous says:

    Athleisure mixed with work wear in darker drab colors.

    Just get a pair of trail runners or sneakers, some jeans or carhartt pants, a dark t shirt and a simple looking leather jacket or work jacket

    You ever see Mexican day laborers? Think that, people who go to a moving job for a week and do really good then just disappear.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see why anyone other than a spy or very rich guy would actively want to make no impression and be totally forgettable. If you fail you look like tacticool larper. If you succeed you are boring. What is the upside

    • Anonymous says:

      >If you succeed you are boring
      That’s the point for people with social anxiety that feel nervous being outside with other people.

  6. Anonymous says:

    at this point gray man is just a beanie, sunglasses, and lightweight outdoors jacket – all while youre just getting coffee or some other pointless activity

    • Anonymous says:

      >all while youre just getting coffee or some other pointless activity
      yeah until some dude in a dress tries to enter a women’s bathroom or changing room
      then i have to step up in my fashionable bloodstain resistant grey clothing and smash that predator’s skull into a thin paste
      it’s function not fashion
      i’m hecking serious this time

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