21 thoughts on “>tfw the vast majority of people my age and below don't know how to put on a tie

    • Anonymous says:

      you don’t know how? what? how is that even possible, are you an infant?

      pathetic tielets. i bet you still ask your mama to make the knot for you

      • Anonymous says:

        It takes 1 tiktok video to learn how to put on a tie. Why are you even making a big deal out of it? My only guess you’re stupid and it took you a month to master which is also explains why you’re so proud of it.

        • Anonymous says:

          I learnt to make a windsor knot when i was in middle school and i still remember it to this day. When i see people with ties they always have the knot hecked up in some way, either too loose or too tight or not properly proportioned.
          You on the other hand use tiktok like a normie drone trying to make a cooking recipe, and it’s both hilarious and pathetic

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve been to one and it was in a courthouse don’t need a tie

        don’t go to funerals dead people don’t give a heck and women aren’t in the mood

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Get mumza to do it the first time 6 years ago
    >Always keep it tied up
    >Just tighten it whenever it’s used
    >Never had to tie a tie a day in my life

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