Prominent liberal thought leader and filmmaker Tariq Nasheed has a unique take on Hurricane Florence: white rescue crews, triggered by a racist hand signal sent over the TV, are secretly rounding up and killing black people during disasters.


The theory was laid out in a Sep 16 thread of tweets which also noted that reporting on looting is racist.

ACSO SERT seems to be the main actor in the racist conspiracy.

The public’s response to Tariq’s discovery was mixed. While many thanked Tariq for opening their eyes, less open-minded twitter critters accused him of wanting black people to be left without rescue.

Tariq elaborated on the theory on his YouTube channel, where he hosted a livestream titled “Tariq Nasheed: Is Hurricane Florence Being Used For A Natural Disaster Purge?

Tariq Nasheed is a prolific left-wing creative and frequently quoted intellectual. His TV appearances include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, MTV’s Made, and the TV series Joe Gets. When not touring colleges he can often be found publishing important ethnosociological works such as The Art of Mackin (New York Times bestseller), Play Or Be Played, The Mack Within, The Art of Gold Digging. He is currently working on the documentary series Hidden Colors and his net worth is $2.5 million, which is more than yours by a factor of a lot.

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