22 thoughts on “Suits that arents sexcore bullshit?

      • Anonymous says:


        >isn’t into sexcore
        >literally the best core to pull pussy and bussy

        I don’t want bookish twinks or stank instagram pussy.
        I want a casual suit to wear to university, no matter how autistic it might make me look.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shit is comfy as heck. I regret not finding it sooner. Plus it’s another option to give your outfit a new look during the colder months.

  1. Cecelia Drakensang In Seattle says:

    Sexcore suits are not the norm. Often they are just regular suits but way too small for the chud in them. Slim fit or "tailored" fit are off the rack suits that are along that line, and it will be tight in areas, but those are dying out.

    Just get a regular fit suit in a size that fits you. It’s that easy. A "sack" fitting, will not go in at the waist, and will have relaxed shoulders too.

    Lots of the sexcore chuds wear office type suits too, formal. A wool/cord etc. blazer or sports coat in your size will not look sexcore at all.

    The trad/sprez/prep threads on here have no sexcore and are generally what you’re looking for.

    • Anonymous says:

      Look for unstructured suit jackets. They’re suit jackets without liners, as a result they have more volume. Very hard to find relaxed fit dress cloths that aren’t for fat people. Even if you have something tailored, odds are most of the patterns that tailor has will be for slimshit suits. Japanese brands tend to cut their suits with more volume as well, try that.
      >corduroy suit
      If you want corduroy, do it on either a sportcoat or pants and not a full suit. Corduroy suit like the thread image looks like aids, no idea why that even exists.

      >Sexcore suits are not the norm.
      Don’t listen to this stupid tripfag. I’ve worked in a suit store and slimshit is very much "the norm", it was most of what we carried. Sexcore suits = slimshit suits, and slimshit fills most menswear stores, at any price point.

      • Anonymous says:

        A quick google search for “unstructured jacket” and “unstructured suit” brings me exactly what I am looking for. Thank you.

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