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Published February 6, 2018

Science has discovered the reason for modern political polarization, and it’s not Soros. Trump supporters simply do not live in consensus reality, a University of Oxford study has found.

The study, from the university’s Computational Propaganda Research Project (COMPROP), focused on the proliferation of trashy news sources in the three months leading up to Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address, and concluded that the majority (55%) of news shared and consumed by Trump supporters falls into its “junk news” category. Junk news was defined as coming from sites associated with low-quality, extremist, sensationalist or conspiratorial content — in other words, the very fake news Trump supporters loudly claim to hate.

Around 13,500 politically active US Twitter users as well as 48,000 Facebook pages were monitored and put into categories such as “Conservative Media,” “Women’s Rights,” “Resistance,” “Hard Conservative,” “Trump Supporters,” “Republican Party” (distinct from Trump supporters) and “Military/Guns.” The categorization was based both on post content and self-identification such as #MAGA in profile fields.

There was an extreme difference between the groups in frequency of links to the 91 sites the “team of 12 trained coders familiar with the US political and media landscape” had marked as junk: “The Trump Support group consumes the highest volume of junk news sources on Twitter, and spreads more junk news sources, than all the other groups put together. This pattern is repeated on Facebook, where the Hard Conservatives group consumed the highest proportion of junk news.”

Put simply, people marked with right-wing classifications (but particularly Trump supporters) strongly prefer bogus screeds from conspiracy theory sites like InfoWars and Breitbart, while left-wingers stick to authentic news reports from outlets like BBC, CNN, Young Turks, and MSNBC.

Surprisingly, the study did not find a lot of russian sites being shared, but the researchers added that “the political conversations on social media exclude a Russian audience group.”

The study did not address whether any of the monitored Twitter and Facebook accounts were bots.

Here’s the study’s list of junk news sites:
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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    I guess the Daily Stormer and Voat are legitimate. They didn’t show up on the list. Also American Renaissance, Red Ice, New Nation News and Stuff Black People Don’t Like, National Vanguard, as well as a plethora of others
    The scientists of this study with their astute statistical analysis have given me verification that I’m on the right track.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    This is called gas lighting. Its a tactic used to make you question your own sanity. Let’s stand strong together and not fall for trickeries disguised as “science” whatever that means nowadays. MAGA!

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      lmao the safe space echo chamber got triggered by science

      • Good boy Good boy

        >Collecting Drumoofph-supporting new sources and labeling them “junk”
        >”Look! Terumpff-supporters read junk!”
        lmfao sure, that’s really how science works. Quality study there, lad. Go back to your “i fucking love science duuude xD xD XD” fb pages and look at some pictures of space.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          I’ll continue to feed my brain with the findings of researchers doing science, not anonymous claims on the internet. That’s the difference between science-based humans who will go to Mars and trumpanzee lifeforms who will be left behind.

  3. Notfallingforit. Notfallingforit.

    >Check for CNN, ABC,NBC, MSNBC
    >Not listed

    fake news

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    Calling CNN and The Young Turks “real news” but CampusReform and Hannity are “fake news”?

    How many genocides has Hannity denied vs. Cenk Uygur of TYT?

    • Retard Rater Rick Retard Rater Rick

      >cenk denies armenian genocide
      Fake news straight from infowars. Thanks for proving the point.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    As a Trump supporter I had trouble believing this, but I checked the methodology. Looks solid. Thanks for ruining my day, I guess.

  6. WE WE

    >authentic news reports from outlets like BBC, CNN, Young Turks, and MSNBC.

    Oh sweetie, I fell off of my chair laughing. Thank you.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous

    >On Twitter, the Trump Support Group shares 95% of the junk news sites on the watch list, and accounted for 55% of junk news traffic in the sample. Other kinds of audiences shared content from these junk news sources, but at much lower levels. On Facebook, the Hard cuckservitude Group shares 91% of the junk news sites on the watch list, and accounted for 58% of junk news traffic in the sample”

    So basically when you compile your list of junk news sites, be sure they all have a right wing bend to them. Then you collect data on who viewed and spread around articles from your junk list, surprise surpise, the right wing people spread around junk news from right leaning junk sources.

    Can I do a study like this and select 90% left leaning junk news sources to put on the list. I wonder who we would see spreading those around?

    Its impossible to be genuine and objective when you have the mind virus of leftism.

    • legacy meteors legacy meteors

      Let them run their little studies to try and browbeat everyone into believing them again, they’re dying off anyway because surprise surprise any shitposter with a webcam and a microphone can do whatever CNN’s million dollar studios with panels of analysts can do, and more efficiently and quickly at that

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Knock yourself out?
      I think it’s time one of you stop calling everything else fake news, and provide a few examples.

  8. Queen Elizabeth is a reptilian look at this 6 hour documentary Queen Elizabeth is a reptilian look at this 6 hour documentary

    Imagine being surprised that the same people who spin conspiracy theories about lizard people and flat earth are consuming fake news.

    Trump supporters are retarded. Not really news.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous

    I don’t tend to trust studies because I work with them all day erryday. If you have ever actually read any study from anyone you know that there are myriad factors that make up their results. I imagine you can find studies that prove that we live in a snow globe. So no, I don’t give a fuck about your study. You’re a fucking little crybaby, and you’ve been sobbing about Trump winning for over a year now. It’s no wonder you don’t get laid.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous

    I just want to have my morning coffee and columns and now they’re going to take that away too

    • Anonymous Anonymous


      Regardless of my political beliefs, it’s undeniable the left is eating itself and are becoming more hypocritical with each passing day.. this sucks because it legitimizes the opposite views just out of principle.

      The behavior of the left and the right are driving more and more folks away from them, to either the center or more to a cuckservitude-center. That might be a good thing, it might be a bad thing..

      All that can be said for sure, is that the outrage culture of the left is causing folks to leave the left in favor of those that do not convolute simple science-based well defined facts as if they’re “fluid topics”.

      The right is distancing itself more from the right-extreme just out of principle, as government is getting bigger and bigger, the right-leaning are going more to the roots of what the right stands for, which is small-to-no government. Self-governing.

      The numbers posted by so many outlets are horribly biased due to inherent political belief, thus resulting in them (intentionally or not) picking tolerances for polling that benefits their view (even if they know they’re doing it or are blinded by a bias belief that their way is the only way).

      -“Nothing is more harmful to one’s belief, than to be blind to when the opposition has a valid stance”

    • Anonymous Anonymous


      I really want to have respect for you, science, but you make it so hard. It’s pretty much down to just theoretical physicists and mathematicians that I’ll even listen to anymore.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      start it up

  12. Anonymous Anonymous

    it’s a lie fuck you and im will continue read breitbart fuck you

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