Starwars Boyremoval LARP

>Be me
>Imperial tech officer
>Started building things when I was young to make mom and dad proud
>Mom and dad were so proud
>I went to a technical training school on Corscant, all expenses paid by my wealthy Alderaanian parents
>Empire attacks Alderaan
>Suddenly the expenses stop being paid
>Suddenly I stop getting the newest tech and a big lump of credits to buy off bullies
>Tech school is too expensive to pay for on my own. No scholarships they say, since technically my family wealth should be transferred to me. That never happens.
>Eventually join imperial military as a technical officer.
>Help design targeting systems for spacecraft and defensive autoturrets
>After a few years of this I'm pretty good at it, get promotions
>Decide I've been suppressing for too long. I've always been scrawny. That royal Alderaanian blood is not good for much physical work.
>Start HRT
>Bootleg shit - the empire only allows their most elite to access good medications, everything else has to be bought on the black market
>Changes seem small to me - breasts are tiny, barely B-Cups, nothing like the breasts of the few women I see on bases.
>Skin is softer, face starts to fill out, my already soft ass gets softer still
>Imperial uniform hides it all. Thank God, too, if anyone knew I was buying illegal hormone chems I'd be out a job and out the airlock.
>One day, we get news. A second death star is being built.
>Thought we learned our lesson from the first one
>Get sent to Endor to oversee surface-to-air autocannon defense system development
>Keep getting bootleg HRT, changes are more noticeable. Hair is longer than regulation standard, but on Endor rules are loose.
>Keep praying nobody will notice the changes. Fortunately nobody does. Unfortunately, it's because almost everyone else was reassigned after some jedi twink blew up the death star 2: electric boogaloo

  1. 3 weeks ago

    >Emperor’s dead, Vader’s dead (again), everything is in disarray politically but the military still functions
    >Keep waiting for reassignment, hope to God it’s soon
    >We keep losing scout troopers to Ewoks and we’re stretched so thin I’ve been asked to go on recovery missions for their tech and speeders
    >One day I’m ordered by a general to go repair a communication relay
    >I don’t even work in comms but our last two comms officers were transferred to a star destroyer on the outer rim
    >Figure I can make it work, how hard can comms be compared to turrets?
    >Two storm troopers and a sniper are sent as protection
    >Find the communication relay
    >Immediately spot the problem: It’s fucked to hell. Someone bombed it.
    >Tell people to pack it up and move out – we need all new hardware to fix this
    >Suddenly a bolt of green energy hits the sniper. His leg is almost vaporized.
    >Storm troopers go down to A280 automatic fire. I hit the ground.
    >I hear the sniper trying to return fire, someone from the treeline shouts out.
    >Thank God it’s a human, I thought the Ewoks were getting out of hand.
    >A few loud blasts from what sounds like a targeting blaster and the sniper goes limp.
    >I look up, a group of rebels is moving towards me.
    >Leader carries an A280, the rest are carrying old targeting blasters. Imperial antiques, not that it made them less lethal.

  2. 3 weeks ago

    >A trembling hand reaches for my blaster pistol but before I can unholster it a pulse of numbing energy hits me.
    >The rebel leader walks over to me. His face is covered by a cloth mask and goggles, but he looks strong. The rest of the rebels see me twitching and begin to laugh.
    >The officer takes my pistol from the holster. Putting on a show for the other rebels, he spins it around expertly, before firing off a blast into the corpse of a nearby stormtrooper. The pistol barely blackens the armor.
    >I get a condescending look from the rebel leader as he pulls me to my feet.
    >“And what were you gonna do with this?” He asks
    >My face flushes red, but I’m still too stunned from the blaster’s stun setting to speak coherently.
    >He adjusts my blaster pistol to stun and presses it into my chest. I wince as the cold hard barrel dips into my ribcage.
    >“Night night”

  3. 3 weeks ago

    >The last thing I remember before it goes dark is the feeling of numbness in my limbs.
    >I wake up a few hours later resting on a cold military cot.
    >Hands are cuffed to the carbon steel frame. I have a blindfold on. I can feel my limbs now, but they’re all but useless. Even if I was uncuffed I wouldn’t be able to walk.
    >Someone notices me moving.
    >“Ah, I see you’re awake. Finally. It’s been difficult to capture an imperial alive, much less an officer. We’re going to put you through the ringer.”
    >“It’d be easier to keep prisoners alive if you set your blaster to stun instead of paralyze” I stated back. I felt a heavy gloved hand slap my mouth. Fair enough.
    >A man’s voice speaks out and tells me I will speak when spoken to.
    >I nod in agreement
    >The man begins to ask me questions. I tell him I can’t think straight because I’m too cold.
    >That gets me another slap, this time on my chest. I whimper in pain, and the man stops for a second, almost shocked.
    >“What the hell was that?”
    >“You hurt me!” I shoot back.
    >“Not your pathetic whimpers you dog, you’ve got tits.”
    >“N-n-no, no, it’s part of the uniform.” I try to protect myself. However bad the empire is with transition, I imagine the rebels must be worse.
    >I feel my uniform being ripped open and I try to pull away, but it’s to no avail.
    >“Well, would you look at that?” the man’s voice said.

  4. 3 weeks ago

    >Moments later my blindfold is torn off
    >I stare into the eyes of my savage captor
    >Holy fucking fuck he is hot
    >Cold blue-grey eyes, like the ice on Rhen Var. Dark black hair and matching stubble. His vest is sleeveless, revealing his muscular arms. Without the cloth covering his face, I can see his strong jawline. And at this distance I can smell him too – dirty, unwashed, but not unpleasant. I can smell his sweat, the dust on his uniform, the heat coming off of his face, which is getting closer to me by the second as he squats down next to me.
    >For a moment he appears to be struggling to formulate a question, but then he gently lifts up his gloved hand and slaps my chest again, watching my chest bounce.
    >“I mean, they’re small, but they’re tits,” he says.
    >I nod nervously. I’m not sure where this is going, but at least he’s not threatening me.
    >He stands up and paces around the room for a brief moment before returning to the bedside and puling down my pants.
    >My heart is pounding now, but I’m not sure why. He stares at my tiny cock for a second, almost in disbelief, before he turns back to me.
    >“And what is this shit?”
    >I try to stammer out an explanation, but he cuts me off.
    >“Is this truly the best the empire has to offer for chem hormones? I never thought I’d see the day we’d have you beat. You’re a tech officer too, I can see the insignia on your shoulder. I’d have expected you of all people would have better than this.”
    >“What?” I stammer, still confused.
    >He doesn’t answer my question. Instead, I see a wicked smile pull itself tight across his face. “Tell me something, officer. If the empire is so strong, if the empire is so powerful, if the empire’s authority cannot be contested, then why are you even allowed among them?”

  5. 3 weeks ago

    >I try to stammer out an answer, or maybe a question, or maybe just words, but he cuts me off again. “You’re not a soldier, yet they treat you like one. And what is more, they treat you like a man. I cannot imagine your life among the imperials is enviable.”
    -“I am a man!” I shout. I’m confused now, disoriented, angry even. I don’t know what is happening, or what I expected to happen, but I didn’t expect to be spoken to like this.
    >“Is that so?” The rebel asks, almost laughing as he says it. “Look, where I’m from, we make bets. I have a bet for you. If you can prove to me that you’re a man, I’ll let you go. Hell, I’ll give you your blaster back, I’ll even take you to your base. But, if I can prove you’re not a man, then you tell me the location of your base’s defenses and you stay with us.”
    >Finally, a clear goal. I nod my head.
    >“Alright, how do I prove it?”
    >The rebel stood and whistled at the door. A second later, a tall rebel soldier entered the room. She wore a bandolier of grenade around her chest, and carried an antiquated E-11 in her hands.
    >“This officer here claims she’s a man,” the rebel leader stated. “I bet he couldn’t prove it, he bet he could. So I wanted to ask if you’d be up to testing his manhood out.”
    >The rebel trooper looked at me, appraising me, before nodding. Slowly she removed her bandolier, then her top. She pulled her pants down slowly, revealing nothing underneath. My heart was pounding as I tried to get it up – but I couldn’t. Even as she took my penis in her hands, even as she toyed with it in her mouth, nothing happened. The chems I had taken had removed that ability long ago. She persisted for almost a minute, but when nothing worked, she looked up at the officer and shrugged.
    >The officer nodded and thanked her. “You may return to your post, I’ll owe you a ration for that.”
    >The trooper nodded and smiled at him as she redressed and exited the room

  6. 3 weeks ago

    >“Was that enough proof for you?” The rebel asked. “Are you ready to talk to me about those base defenses?”
    >“That wasn’t the deal!” I shot back. “All you proved was that I’m not a man by your standards. That means nothing to me. And besides, you had to prove I wasn’t a man before I would tell you anything.”
    >With a sigh, the rebel began to take off his gloves. He removed his heavy belt, laden with equipment and weaponry. My heart was racing.
    >“W-Wait, no, what are you doing?”
    >“Proving a point, you’ll thank me later.”
    >Before I could so much as think about trying to move, he grabbed me. His ungloved hands were rough, and his grip was firm, almost painful on my hips but not quite. He held me down with one hand while the other began to pinch my nipples.
    > “What are you?”
    > “A man,” I shot back.
    >He continued the pinching, rolling my nipples between his rough, calloused fingers.
    >I could feel the blood flowing all over – my face was flushed, my cock was hardening, and worst of all, my brain was losing the ability to form words.
    >He continued like this for several seconds before asking again.
    >This time, it was harder to speak. I tried to squirm away, but he was too strong.
    >Even with one hand, he was keeping my entire body pinned down.
    >“What are you?”
    >It was almost impossible to form works now – I tried to respond, but all I got out was a hurried, breathy “man.”
    > “Oh, come on now, that’s not an answer. Complete sentences, what are you?”
    > “I-I can’t…” I stammered.

  7. 3 weeks ago

    >“You can’t what? Remember? Say it? Feel it? You want to know how the rebels keep winning? We have a fighting spirit, we have expert leadership, and we have the force. And you know what I’m doing right now?”
    >I shook my head
    >“I’m proving a point – the empire doesn’t instill a fighting spirit in their troops, do they?”
    >I was still squirming, but it was getting harder to fight it. Whatever he was doing to me felt amazing
    >He lifted his hand from my hip to slap my face -gently this time, but authoritatively. “I asked you a question, officer.”
    >I spat in his face. I knew the moment I did it I had made a mistake – not because he looked violent, but because he looked more determined
    >“You know, I think this further proves my point that you don’t belong in the empire,” he said, wiping my spit from his face. For a moment I felt victorious, like I had bested him. That moment ended with a harsh pinching on my nipples. I opened my mouth to scream, but just as I did he slapped my face again, the same way as before, and my scream turned into a quiet gasp of pleasure.
    >He heard the shift in my voice and responded by massaging both of my breasts with his strong, heavy hands. He maintained a steady rhythm, and I closed my eyes and sank into it, allowing the pleasure to take me to a moment outside of time. The moment seemed to last for hours, or maybe seconds, but it ended when I felt a small cold droplet of precum fall onto my pelvis
    >For a moment, I thought I could hide it, but that moment was short lived.
    >“Getting wet for me, hmm? Tell me again, what are you?”
    >This time I couldn’t bring myself to say it, so I just shook my head
    >Laughter. I felt my face flush and opened my eyes to glare at him. “Oh, don’t look at me like that, we know what’s happening, you’re just stubborn. Don’t worry, I may not be a Jedi but I think I can change the way you think.”

  8. 3 weeks ago

    >A flash of movement and I was suddenly pulled onto his lap – it was awkward, my hands were still chained above my head to the frame of the cot, but my hips now rested on his hairy thighs. I had no idea what to expect, and kept my eyes transfixed on the leader as he lubricated his hands with some of the mechanical lubricant I kept with me for repairing damaged autocannon rotors. I saw his hands glistening with the fluid for a second, and then…
    >Oh God, the pressure around my ass was building. I felt a thick, strong finger slide inside of me. He moved it expertly for a few moments, then pulled it all the way out, reinserting two well-lubricated fingers into me.
    >Words left my brain. I could hear what sounded like an astromech droid, no, was that me? I came to, aware now of the audible moans I was making as he moved his fingers inside me. For such a strong man, I was surprised at how gentle it felt he was being. The pressure was almost enough to bring me to orgasm, especially as he continued, but he kept decreasing the pressure inside of me when I got close.
    >“What are you?”
    >Finally, I was able to respond: “A woman!”
    >He nodded and smiled as he pulled his fingers out of me. “Good girl, are you sure?”
    >I nodded, staring at his lubricated fingers pleadingly. He shook his head. “No, see, I’m not sure you’re sure. You could just be horny.”
    >I whined. I actually whined! A god damned imperial officer, whining a rebel. It was unbecoming, but I was undone.
    >“Well, just to be safe…”
    >The rebel pulled down his pants, revealing a massive, throbbing cock. I stared at it as he lubricated it – unable or unwilling to take my eyes off of it.

  9. 3 weeks ago

    >Knowing what was happening barely helped. I felt the thick head of his massive cock push against my entrance for just a second before it slid in. He began slowly at first, but then picked up speed, going deeper and deeper with each thrust, until I felt his balls slapping against my skin. Each thrust brought me closer to the edge he’d kept me teetering along for the past several minutes of fingering – I lifted my legs and arched my back to allow him to enter deeper inside me, and squealed and moaned with extasy as he slapped my face and pinched my tits. Finally, I could hold it back no longer.
    >“I’m going to cum!” I shouted.
    >“Good girl, you can cum when you tell me what you are!”
    >“I’m a woman!” I moaned.
    >“A rebel, a traitor, a spy, whatever you want me to be, just let me cum!”
    >The thrusts became more intense – deeper, harder, faster. He wrapped a single hand around my throat as he did so, using his other hand to squeeze my ass. “Cum then,” he ordered.
    >The orgasm wracked my body like a lightning bolt. My back arched deeper as my toes curled and my hands clenched into tight fists. My thighs wrapped around him as my hole throbbed on his massive cock.
    >Moments later I felt his cock begin to throb inside me as he let out a low bestial moan.
    >Over the next few days I spent my days helping rebels calibrate their autotargeting systems and mapping out the Imperial base, and my evenings having my ass fucked by my rebel captor. When the base fell, I felt nothing.
    >Now I spend my time calibrating X-Wing cannons and gaping my ass on rebel cock. The rebel medics actually carry better hormone chems as well, as they’re the ones bootlegging most of them to begin with. Better meds, better company, better orgasms. Why would anyone ever be a boy?

  10. 3 weeks ago

    um thanks anon

  11. 3 weeks ago

    im not a starwars fag but this was hot

    • 3 weeks ago

      You got a boner reading chat gpt smut?

      • 3 weeks ago

        >chat gpt smut
        if an ai could write this i would unironically lable it sentient

        • 3 weeks ago

          ai dungeon gets pretty good, though you have to hold its hand a bit

  12. 3 weeks ago

    This is hot but a bit immoral.
    I don't see my transition as becoming some fucktoy, I see it as becoming a better person and something that fits me more.

    • 3 weeks ago

      Yea but for some people get are into that. Also even more people are into imagining that even if they aren't trying to be it.

      • 3 weeks ago

        Yeah I do realize that, it turns me on too.
        But afterward I feel bad about it, because I feel like I kind of desacralize and desecrate my desire to be a woman by conflating it with submission, rape etc.

        • 3 weeks ago

          yeah cis women neeeever have ravishment fantasies. i'm sure they don't want a big strong man to take them and make them theirs, that would be silly

          • 3 weeks ago

            Maybe they do, but that's not really my point.
            I want to be a strong woman, I don't want to be submissive and the like, so it doesn't fit my desire, you see?
            So when I do get aroused by it, I feel bad, because there is a strong gap between this and what I want, yet I get aroused, and afterward disgusted.

  13. 3 weeks ago

    Cis guy here. This kinda hit hard because I joined the marines and stayed closeted a gay. I didn't want to hurt people, I just want to college and a roof over my head. At least it wasn't the empire but still...

  14. 3 weeks ago

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      >none of youll nwahs have a good cap

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