Sometimes I want to wear skirts and some other female clothing.

Sometimes I want to wear skirts and some other female clothing.
I’m not gay nor feel like crossdressing, however, sometimes I want to wear something else than pants and shorts, feel like men’s clothing is so plain and simple without cloaks and skirts and clothing alike.
Been thinking in buying a tartan kilt, but I don’t what would my parents say if they find it or how would I hide it
Has this happened to you?

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    • Anonymous says:

      Could say I’m quite androgynous, I mean, yes, I’m a guy, with really long hair and a decent physic since I do a lot of cycling everyday.
      More than once I’ve been mistaken for a girl ever since high school, even though I don’t deliberately try to pass, guess more androgynous clothing would enhance that

      skirted coats were originally menswear before women adopted them

      I know, right!
      I mean, long coats, robes, skirts, really short shorts and such were menswear in the past, I just don’t feel very confident to wear that on a daily basis even though I’d love to, social pressure, I guess

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you want to put on a skirt then just put on a goddamn skirt, it’s not like it’s gonna turn you gay or trans the second it touches your body. You can still act and like manly shit, contrary to what some mentally ill trains on the net would tell you.

    Just be casusal about it with your parents and it should be fine, it’s not like Scots weren’t rocking that shit for generations now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    OP, don’t feel bad about wanting to try something different. You’re not a tranny or a femboy or whatever; just remember that you’re a guy, that’s really important: don’t listen to the leftoids trying to reproduce through conversion or the edgelord dickheads calling you names.

    If you want to try something new, then look into different colours and styles before you jump into skirts and dresses or something of that nature. Try pink pants, cargo or something like that, as well as wide pants (pls don’t do skinny, though, it’s very out of fashion and bad for your health).

    Just try new things and accessories (like hebrewlery, hats, old-timy ruffle sleeves) and be confident but not stupid about it, take it slow or else risk regret (especially when it comes to money).

    When it comes to your parents: I have no clue how old you are and how your parents are, but if they’re relatively open to stuff then try slowly introducing new stuff first. If you’re an adult then you probably have some mode of transportation and can just change on your own time.

    But I must reiterate: remember that God made you a man and that is good and you should not feel shame or confusion for being a little different. You don’t need a silly label for every aspect of your life. Just remember your role in God’s kingdom and be confident in yourself ;).

  3. Anonymous says:

    This means you know shit about men’s fashion. Just watch gentelman’s gazzette for basics, there are shitton options for men with accessories, patterns, colours, texture etc.

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