simple question, why has the autism rate increased almost fourfold over the last 20 years?

simple question, why has the autism rate increased almost fourfold over the last 20 years /x/?

  1. 5 days ago

    If your mom got her flu shots regularly u prolly got some degree of austism

  2. 5 days ago

    internet + vaccines + people tend to get diagnosed more often lately because society is shit and they want to receive NEETbux.

  3. 5 days ago

    Because the average human born in the last 20 years is so disconnected from actual humanity. How many of those autists do you think have more familiarity and time with humans while looking through a screen rather than actual interaction?

    Future generations will be even more fucked.

  4. 5 days ago

    simple answer is that statistical sciences like these are actually an extremely recent historical development, and our understanding of what autism is, how it manifests in different people, and its overall occurrence in the population is actually a burgeoning field of study.

    It's like you asked
    >Riddle me this /x/, why did cancer diagnoses increase in the 20th century?
    Because you used to just die of things like exhaustion or the frights or whatever.

  5. 5 days ago

    Autism is a useless term, huge umbrella catchall for all sorts of behavior. I'd like to see hard stats for example kids who stay low or non verbal by school age.

    Plus tism questioners are retarded.
    They ask you if you/your kid enjoy spinning in circles and shit like that.

    Autists don't actually enjoy that behavior, it's completely neutral for them. Same way you neutrally just sit on a chair to do something else, they sit and rock, there is no emotion attached to rocking. They don't "enjoy" to rock.

  6. 5 days ago

    Its ghosts.

  7. 5 days ago

    >autism rate increased almost fourfold over the last 20 years /x/?
    It hasn't, it has just been recognized that being on the spectrum includes more than just than just the kid that can only scream and bite.
    From that quiet kid to the loud mouthed jerk, we're all on the spectrum in some sense.

    I mean shit, we're a weird fucking species. A hairless ape that builds complex devices. No other animal on this planet does that.

    NB4 ayyes, ancient or lmaos

  8. 5 days ago

    changing diagnostic criteria that includes less severe cases. higher awareness of general population of ASDs ->more patients seeking diagnosis -> higher case numbers.
    This diagram is kinda useless without including the number of diagnostic tests performed on a yearly basis.

  9. 5 days ago

    Tylenol usage during pregnancy

  10. 5 days ago

    Humanity is evolving. Welcome the ubermensch.

  11. 5 days ago
    • 5 days ago

      I hadn't seen it that way, before. However, your chart has convinced me to alter my previous beliefs about this.

  12. 5 days ago

    Take your pick:
    >Childhood vaccine schedule fucking up kids' blood zeta potential from an early age, leading to microclots and blood sludging in the brain
    >Microplastics and xenoestrogens and other chemicals we've just now discovering in everything
    >Mass constant internet use from an early age
    >Mass societal and social decay
    >Changing clinical criteria IOT prescribe more lucrative lifelong treatments

  13. 5 days ago

    Definition of autism used in diagnosis changed to a lower threshold. That's literally it.

  14. 5 days ago

    Only boomers worried about common changes in generations,they considered me autistic for being selective with people, they treat me as shy.

  15. 4 days ago

    Imo later parenthood plus kids raised more repressed

  16. 4 days ago

  17. 1 day ago

    Doctors will label anyone with "autism" for the smallest things. I would say its the rise in the internet that created tribes within our culture. During the 50's there were only 3 channels and nerd culture wasn't a thing yet, in the 80's nerd culture was starting to become a thing and only increased with more technology that allowed us to express ourselves in unique ways. A lot of people are also labeled autistic for being socially challenged.

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